Easy Item Management – Spotlight-enabled storage app to remember the location of infrequently used items [iPhone]

Easy Item Management is an iPhone application that helps users remember the location of infrequently used items, commonly known as #Storage . Support iOS focused search (Spotlight), just need to pull down the screen to search to find items. @Appinn

轻松物品管理 - 支持 Spotlight 的收纳应用,记住不常用物品的位置[iPhone]

Featured by developer @rocketrobin on Discovery Channel .

Easy Item Management – Rescue Can’t Remember

It is used to manage the location of things that are not commonly used. When needed, you can find them directly in the app or in the iOS focused search, such as card pins, bank cards that are not commonly used, and so on.

There are always many things in life, which are not used very often, and cannot be found when they are used. Especially after getting older, this situation becomes more and more frequent, and things are forgotten when they are put away. Easy Item Management is specially used to solve such a life problem.

The current application mainly uses text to solve problems, and does not support pictures. Therefore, the location and items are all pure text, which is not cool enough to use.

轻松物品管理 - 支持 Spotlight 的收纳应用,记住不常用物品的位置[iPhone] 1
轻松物品管理 - 支持 Spotlight 的收纳应用,记住不常用物品的位置[iPhone] 2

Although it is clear at a glance, it is still not intuitive enough compared to the old Where . Of course, for plain text, in addition to being concise, lightweight, and saving space, there is also a convenience that supports importing content in .json format through the clipboard , which is very convenient.

轻松物品管理 - 支持 Spotlight 的收纳应用,记住不常用物品的位置[iPhone] 3
轻松物品管理 - 支持 Spotlight 的收纳应用,记住不常用物品的位置[iPhone] 4

The developer also provides more pictures in the discovery channel, and interested students can go to: https://meta.appinn.net/t/topic/25827


In addition, the developer provides 10-1 buyout VIP redemption codes, which will be given out by lottery on the niche software public account (appinncom).

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