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Bandizip Chinese version – excellent and easy to use free ad-free file compression / decompression tool software (replaces WinRAR and 7Zip)

Compression / decompression software can be said to be one of the most indispensable tools on the computer. WinRAR / WinZip has always occupied the desktop of countless people, but in fact they are all commercial software that is paid for. Instead of using pirated copies, we might as well look for free Genuine alternative.

Although 7-Zip is a leader among open source free compression tools, it is not very easy to use. Today, I tried Bandizip recommended by my classmates, but it is surprisingly easy to use! Bandizip is a free and excellent file compression/decompression software from Korea, supports Win and Mac, can replace WinRAR, supports compression and decompression of rar, zip, 7z and many other mainstream formats…

The final official free ad-free edition collection:

Bandizip was once the most excellent and easy-to-use “free compression and decompression software artifact” with excellent reputation! It is also one of the necessary tools for countless people to install. It is very popular because of its powerful interface, simple and ad-free + completely free, a perfect alternative to WinRAR and 7-Zip. But the bad news is that this extremely “kind and conscientious” free Bandizip has finally announced that it will start charging and adding advertisements!
Starting from Bandizip 7.0 (Windows), new Standard (Free), Professional and Enterprise editions will be available. Among them, the new free version, like WinRAR, officially added advertisements, and also castrated some functions compared to the professional version, such as picture preview, password manager, compressed package repair and so on.

The most classic version of Bandizip – the official ad-free free version

Bandizip v6.25 version is “the last official ad-free free version of Bandizip”, the interface is pure, and there is no tampering with the browser homepage or rogue behavior. And the functions are complete and rich without deletions, close to the paid professional version, and continuous updates over the years also make this version extremely stable.
Therefore, no matter from which point of view, Bandizip v6.25 is the classic version that is most worthy of download and collection. However, it should be noted that after the official version 7.0 is released, the old version may be automatically upgraded. Therefore, it is recommended that you uncheck “Auto Update” in the settings, and delete the updater.exe file in the directory, or block its network connection with fireproof soil to prevent it from automatically updating.

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