Editing Baidu Encyclopedia

Recently, I have been editing Baidu Encyclopedia’s company entries. Now to share with you those tips that I have used in the editing process.

In the current work and previous work experience, the small factory must do two things:

  1. Register Baidu, Second Understanding Encyclopedia
  2. Edit your own location on the map so that customers can find it
  3. Register various self-media platform accounts

These, except Baidu Encyclopedia is my first experience, others I have experienced in my previous work.

You can check this article to learn about the materials I need when registering the WeChat official account.

Talk about Baidu Encyclopedia

Although I personally think that Wikipedia is still my favorite, as a domestic Baidu Encyclopedia, it is still an inevitable propaganda tool in China, especially when other small factories have not heard the name of the company.

This time, the categories I registered include: enterprise entries, software entries, and some personal entries.

In writing this article, I also summarize some of the pits I have encountered.

Here I share some common editing skills and conversations with customer service [1] , hoping to help you and save your time with customer service [2] .


Baidu modification reminder


So I summarize the errors I have encountered so far as follows: (image)

  1. entry name error
  2. wrong name
  3. Subjective evaluation of editorial content
  4. Editing content does not correspond
  5. Content is lengthy or less relevant
  6. References do not support the content
  7. Removed valid content from entry
  8. poor picture quality


entry name

First make sure the entry name is correct. If it is not correct, re-create the entry , there is no need to continue editing here, and start again.

As for the content written before, you can be a CV engineer and copy it into a new entry.

For software : the entry name of the software can be used directly.

For a company : You can check whether there is a corresponding existing entry. E.g:

Nanjing xx Information Technology Co., Ltd. does not need to create the abbreviation of xx information, and it is not standardized.

Item name

Item name here:

Software: For example, the solution, I wrote proudly before: “one of the solutions under xx information technology”, I actually need to write the software of xx company.

Company: A company established in Nanjing in 200x, which can pass this definition so far.

entry content

Subjective evaluation of editorial content

Some words cannot be used: ” as of now “, the current here should be a specific year, month and day; ” at a glance “: I am still revising here.

Content is lengthy or less relevant

The most impressive thing at the moment is that when I wrote the entry for the catering cost control system, I copied it directly from the previous company’s book.

It is not advisable to copy in sections, and the content needs to be simplified.

Removed valid content from entry

This is easy to understand, click “View Error Details” to copy and restore.


Here, because of my quick hands, I quit my account when I left the company. I thought I still needed to write an article, so I still quit.

If you have encountered such editing, please leave a comment below.

Editing content does not correspond

poor picture quality

Here, a sharper picture is needed [^3].


References do not support the content

For companies : For the content that needs to be disseminated by the public, it is generally better to use the news released by the media and self-media.

I tried the company’s Boss direct employment company profile, but I couldn’t pass [3] :

Untitled.002.jpeg For software : Generally, the ownership of the company’s reference materials can be proved by having a soft copy, which can be inquired at the China Copyright Center .

The serial number and software name of the software need to be inquired, and both are indispensable [4] .


Even at the time of registration, clicking on send verification code will show that the webpage has expired, so make sure to operate under the condition of “good network quality [4:1] “.

some other experience

Overview Atlas

When the overview map is placed, the text with propaganda cannot appear.

Here, I’ve written a picture of the company’s Food & Beverage Cost Control solution.

The logo map of the software is required. Regarding the size, a minimum image of 320*320px is required. If you use sketch to export, you need 3 times (3x) images to ensure clear image quality.

Cannot use traditional/design thinking

First of all, I used a promotional image with “catering xx expert”, but I just think it looks good when cut and has a novel layout. In fact, there are more publicity suspicions.

In this article on the blog, I also have some thoughts on rationality and emotion, which can be viewed by scanning the QR code.

Welcome to comment and leave some thoughts you encountered when editing Wikipedia or Baidu Baike, it is recommended to leave a blog address and email address, and interact with me.

Finally, may we all truly reflect the world.

  1. If it is in the previous link, there will be pictures, but no pictures are needed at present, as a previous article also mentioned this ↩

  2. The WeChat public account of this article will be released simultaneously ↩

  3. It can be seen how low the status of the BOSS direct employment website is. ↩

  4. That’s how I got all the company’s current soft prints ↩ ↩

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