effortless effort

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Effortless Effort

I have noticed that after a long day of work or social activities, people are often tired and need a lot of time to rest. This is understandable. However, I wanted to chat about whether it’s possible to do those tiring things without exhausting myself.

Let’s introduce a concept, Effortless Effort, “Effortless Effort”. It is somewhat similar to Taoism’s “wuwei” – getting things done without the need for mental or physical undue strain and exertion.

When people talk about “effort”, they usually refer to the condition of putting a lot of energy into doing something and quickly depleting one’s own energy. Equating “effort” with extreme mental and physical tension, pushing hard, and giving it your all.

When it comes to “relaxation,” people think it’s the opposite of “hard work.” Lie flat on the couch, relax your muscles, and do nothing. Others see “relaxation” as “lazy”.

“Effort” and “relaxation” are often seen as diametrically opposed things.

Then, what about the “effortless effort” that is relaxed while working hard?

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