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I assigned Mumu a task to praise and encourage her family once a day.

  • You can compliment your mother on how good the piano is, or you have made great progress.
  • If the food that grandma cooks is delicious, then praise grandma for her good craftsmanship.
  • If grandpa’s calligraphy is good-looking, he will praise grandpa’s beautiful handwriting.

In short, you must have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering, discovering the advantages of others, and affirming the efforts and efforts of others. Don’t always be alone.

I explained again the difference between “encouraging others” and “flattering”.

The words of encouragement are for the other party’s good, make the other party more confident, and make the other party have a steady stream of motivation. Flattery is for one’s own good, to gain goodwill, and to get closer.

The upright encourages others without expecting anything in return; the villain flatters because it is profitable.

Be skillful when encouraging others. Be based on facts, and the more specific the details, the better.

If you compliment your mother, you can’t always say “mother’s piano progress is great” this kind of perfunctory encouragement. Instead, point out which chords are handled more delicately.

Realistic encouragement is as valuable as honest criticism.

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