EU agrees on new digital regulations that will require tech giants to be more aggressive in tackling illegal content

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 Titanium Media App reported on April 23 that the European Parliament and EU member states reached an agreement on Saturday on new digital regulations, the Digital Services Act (DSA), which will require tech giants such as Google and Meta to more actively monitor illegal activities on their platforms. content, companies that violate the rules could face billions of dollars in fines. A key part of the legislation will limit the ways in which the digital giants can target users through online advertising. The Digital Services Act would effectively prevent platforms from targeting users with algorithms based on gender, ethnicity or religious data. Ads targeting children will also be banned. The Digital Services Act will require tech companies to implement new procedures to clamp down on illegal material, such as those involving hate speech, incitement to terrorism and child sexual abuse. Under the new rules, e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon will also have to stop the sale of illegal goods. Companies that violate the rules could face fines equal to less than 6 percent of global annual revenue. For a business like Meta, that could mean a fine of up to $7 billion based on its 2021 results. (Source: Interface News)

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