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Following Shanghai, a local epidemic occurred in Beijing, the political center of China. Although only nearly 100 confirmed cases have been confirmed since the 22nd, the authorities have ordered nucleic acid testing for all staff in 11 districts of the city, and residents must undergo 3 tests within 5 days. Worrying about the reappearance of Shanghai’s tough lockdown, local supermarkets have seen panic crowds stocking up on food .

[Analysis of Shanghai Epidemic Prevention] Jia Xuanning Column: You will not die from COVID, anything else can happen

Epidemic in Beijing. (AP)

Global Hotspot

Elon Musk and Twitter have reached a $44 billion deal in what would be one of the largest acquisitions in tech history if the deal goes through. And after the world’s richest man enters Twitter, how will this social platform be transformed? American network media Axios proposedfour possibilities :

  1. Add editing function

    • Musk complained about the lack of an edit button on Twitter as early as 2019, and launched a poll on his 85 million-follower account that found nearly three-quarters of voting users agreed with him.

  2. Post longer tweets

    • Twitter has long been known for its 140-character limit (later increased to 280) per tweet, a practice that Musk has previously criticized as “outdated” for long-form tweets.

  3. Fight spam bots with authentication

    • Musk has called malicious bots “the most annoying problem on Twitter” and said that Twitter, which he runs, will “verify all real humans” and open source algorithms to reduce external suspicion.

  4. freedom of speech

    • Musk is dissatisfied with Twitter’s current censorship mechanism. When he announced the acquisition, he tweeted that Twitter is a “digital square” that is noisy and tolerant of dissent, in order to reflect what he sees as “the cornerstone of democratic functioning.” —Freedom of speech — He believes that social platforms should not override the government’s role as an arbiter of speech.

out of gender

“The trick she used to distract him, like Sharon Stone’s scene in The Sixth Sense.” The British “Mail on Sunday” published an article on Sunday, There has been a storm of public opinion in the UK – the “he” referred to in the aforementioned sentence is British Prime Minister Johnson; and the woman accused of deliberately crossing her legs is Angela Rayne, the deputy leader of the opposition Labour Party.

The Mail on Sunday report, citing a “humorous suggestion” by an anonymous Conservative MP, alleging that Rainer used a rocker to interfere with Johnson during a parliamentary question, drew thousands of complaints after it was published, and was criticized by people from all sides. .

Reiner hit back at the “gutter journalism” on Twitter: “As a woman with legs and clothes, I have been accused of a ‘strategy to distract the Prime Minister’…Women in politics face gender every day. Discrimination and misogyny – I am no exception.” Johnson also expressed his regret over the “anonymous misogyny” incident: “Although I disagree with Rainer on almost all political issues, I respect her name MP.”

I can’t just see

Working from home can help Ukraine! ? This is an appeal to citizens by the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union.

According to the “Playing My Part” program proposed by the European Union, citizens can save an average of nearly 500 euros a year by practicing simple actions such as working from home, reducing the use of air conditioners, and switching from planes to trains. And save 220 million barrels of oil for the EU, thereby reducing energy dependence on Russia and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


A post shared by The Washington Post ( @washingtonpost )

Quote of the Day

“We will not let hate win.”

“I’m a heterosexual, white, Christian, married suburban mom… Hate will only win if people like me stand by.”

When race and gender education became the latest battleground in the liberal/conservative camp in the United States, Michigan Democratic state Senator Mallory McMorrow (Mallory McMorrow) rebutted Republican lawmakers’ criticism of her in a five-minute speech in the state legislature a few days ago. The content went viral on social media , and this “local mother” became popular overnight.

McMorrow vowed not to let Republicans’ attacks on LGBT, racial equality succeed: “I want every child in this state to feel seen, heard and supported, not because they’re not straight, white and Christian. marginalized or targeted.”

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