Evening News: The Death of the Cold War Terminator

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What is the golden ratio of the hand shake cup in the minds of readers? According to the latest research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, whether you/you are used to drinking less ice and no sugar or low sugar at room temperature, drinking tea seems to be good for health, and whether it is hot or cold, whether it is added sugar or milk did not affect the results.

The study used UK Biobank data, covering 500,000 people aged 40 to 69 across the UK, and found that 85% of the population had the habit of drinking tea, of which 89% were black tea; In 2018, respondents who drank more than two cups of tea a day had a 9 to 13 percent lower mortality rate. It should be noted, however, that this study shows that tea drinking habits are associated with lower mortality, and it cannot be established that drinking tea is responsible for the lower mortality.

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Russian state media confirmed that former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev died on the 30th after a long illness at the age of 91.

In 1985, the 54-year-old Gorbachev took office as the general secretary of the Soviet Union and boldly implemented a series of reform policies for political and economic liberalization to improve relations with the Western world. During his tenure, the most symbolic landmark of the Cold War— – The Berlin Wall came down, East and West Germany was peacefully reunified, Eastern European communist regimes collapsed, and the Soviet Union was officially disintegrated.

As the “Last General Secretary”, Gorbachev is regarded as an important promoter of ending the Cold War and rewriting the international order. He is the most important national leader in the second half of the 20th century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1990 for his diplomatic achievements. The Peace Prize, well respected in Western countries, has left a mixed legacy of mixed praise and criticism in Russia.


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out of gender

India’s Supreme Court recently ruled that “atypical families” such as single parents, remarriages and same-sex couples should be treated equally and enjoy the same family benefits stipulated by law, which is regarded as another milestone in the country’s women and LGBTQ equality.

A series of Supreme Court decisions in recent years have challenged the country’s conservative social norms. The court recognized transgender people as a “third gender” in 2014 and should have equal access to laws and social benefits, and in 2018 overturned a ban on same-sex sex , also in May this year ordered police to respect the rights of sex workers.

I can’t just see

The 12th “World Gravy Wrestling Championships” (World Gravy Wrestling Championships) took place in Lancashire, England on the 29th after two years of absence due to the epidemic. The contestants dressed in fancy clothes fought in the gravy pool for 2 minutes. Scoring based on dressing, entertainment and wrestling skills. In the midst of all the woes, this annual charity event is actually raising funds for the local hospice ward (click the link above to see more photos 👆).


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Quote of the Day

“Although female idols are in an industry that oppresses women’s rights, their stage strength, life values, hard work, and enthusiasm make them shine.” ——< K-POP Fans’ Hallyu Observation: Idol Girl Groups Break Free The male gaze, becoming a symbol of feminism? >

As the styles of female idols continue to evolve and show more levels of charm, K-POP has entered an era of unprecedented high sales of girl groups. Let’s see how South Korean girl idol groups work together with female fans to stand out in a patriarchal industry. Your own space 🇰🇷

As a feminist, while I love female idols, there will always be intractable contradictions in my heart. Fortunately, the empowerment of female fans and female idols is changing the idol industry:
#BLACKPINK , #TWICE , #aespa , #IVE … girl groups are starting to step out of the male gaze, showing confident, handsome, and diverse beauty.

# WorldWalk# kpop #InternationalNews# Idol
https%3A%2F%2Fbucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-43 K-POP Fans’ Hallyu Observation: Idol Girl Group Breaks Free From Male Gaze and Becomes Symbol of Feminism? – “Walk the World” female idol group, from the most unfeminine existence, to gradually break free from misogyny. As we all know, South Korean female idols are called “extreme professions”. Ever since I started following K-POP many years ago, I have found that misogyny in the idol industry is a difficult problem to solve. First of all, the top executives of South Korean entertainment companies who build idol girl groups are mostly middle-aged men. Secondly, they believe that the conditions for the popularity of women’s groups are to provide good fan service and attract the male market. As a result, girl groups almost satisfy male fantasies… sehseh.world

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