Exclusive: Kuaishou’s organizational structure has been readjusted, and Ma Hongbin, the former head of commercialization, has been transferred to the head of internationalization

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On August 5, Kuaishou Technology issued an internal email saying that it had established a new management committee (hereinafter referred to as the Economic Management Committee) and announced an organizational structure and personnel adjustment involving multiple departments. According to reports, this adjustment means that the adjustment of the organizational structure of the division system started in September last year has continued to deepen, which will facilitate the sharing of organizational practical experience and further release the vitality of the organization.

Internal emails show that Kuaishou’s new economic management committee has a total of 12 members. In this list of members of the Economic and Management Committee arranged by the initials of pinyin, Chen Dingjia is in charge of the research and development line; Cheng Yixiao is in charge of corporate governance; Jin Bing is in charge of the financial line; Liu Feng is in charge of the commercialization department; Ma Hongbin is in charge of the internationalization department; Sun Lin In charge of human resources line; Tang Yuyu is in charge of strategic investment line; Wang Jianwei is in charge of main station line; Xiaogu is in charge of e-commerce business department; Yinxin is in charge of comprehensive support and efficiency line; Yu Haibo is in charge of safety compliance line; Yu Yue is in charge of community science line.

After this adjustment, Liu Feng and Ma Hongbin are respectively in charge of commercialization and internationalization. The newly established comprehensive support line includes the efficiency engineering department, the comprehensive support and management department; the human resources department was renamed the human resources line.

On September 28, 2021, Kuaishou announced the launch of an organizational structure adjustment aimed at strengthening the closed loop of the business unit. The goal is to further improve organizational efficiency and release organizational dividends. Since then, Kuaishou has made several organizational and personnel adjustments of varying scales. The rotation and organizational adjustment of the core executives means that the adjustment of the organizational structure of the division system, which lasted for nearly a year, continues to deepen, which is conducive to further releasing the vitality of the organization. Since the organizational structure adjustment was initiated in September last year, Kuaishou has exceeded market expectations for three consecutive quarters, benefiting from further improvements in business combat effectiveness and organizational efficiency.

According to reports, cross-departmental rotation of middle and senior managers has mature mechanisms and practices in companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, and Huawei. It is also an important means for mature large-scale organizations to cultivate compound talents. Collaboration ability improved.

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