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Today, a friend posted a photo of the MX-5 in the group, which is very beautiful and sexy.

Seeing the MX-5 reminded me of Han Han’s “Flying Like a Teenager” many years ago. This car was mentioned in the book, and I was deeply impressed:

“And we often see a beautiful woman driving an open-top MX-5, passing by gracefully. No matter which of the two is, we are very longing for it.”

Originally, I was just reminiscing about the fun of this book, but another guy in the group said: It’s only 300,000. It seems to despise the appearance of this car, and I think this car is expensive to him or to me. This brings me to the question: what is cheap and what is expensive?

This car has no practical value to me. Spending more than 300,000 yuan (actually more than 400,000 yuan plus taxes, etc.) to buy a two-seater sports car with “almost no storage space, loud noise, low chassis and poor passability, no luxury car logo, and troublesome maintenance” is not worth it. What I need is a car that is spacious, comfortable and safe, and can take my family out. And I don’t have enough money to buy an extra toy car for the fun of driving. So I think this car is expensive.

For young people without families, or people with high incomes, they will feel that this car is not expensive. Because there is no cheaper “light, short wheelbase, 50/50 front and rear, convertible, manual” sports car than this one.

For this young man in the group, who is also a former colleague, I think if he is rational, he will think this car is expensive. Because he is also married, working in a small factory, and living in an urban village without rent, his children can only go to private kindergartens, and it is unlikely that primary schools will go to public schools in Shenzhen. His first task should be to save money to buy a house, otherwise the next generation will have to go back to their hometown. Obviously, this car belongs to the category that he cannot “afford”. Unaffordable does not mean that you cannot afford it, but it is not worthwhile in terms of practical value. But maybe he has his own ideas, such as returning to his hometown to save the capital and saving money for the house, he can buy this kind of car for fun.

I thought of an old joke again: those who buy xx (a domestic brand Android phone) are really rich people, because they are willing to spend thousands of yuan to buy a piece of junk. I used to think so too, because for me, I am concerned with functions such as photography, stability and smoothness, security and privacy, and multi-device collaboration. The Android experience is not as good as the iPhone in these aspects, so I am willing to spend more money to get it better experience. Moreover, I once bought a Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro for 5,000 yuan, sold it for 3,800 a few months later, and the phone dropped to 3,200 a week after the sale. But there are too many people who don’t actually have the ability to consume iPhones. For example, some students with average family conditions are obsessed with wanting the best mobile phones. This may be the influence of modern consumerism: buy things in an affordable price range. The best inside. And they don’t know that he can’t actually afford the price. I regret that I was once such a student.

One infuriating situation is low quality “high” prices. Taking a mobile phone as an example, although the price is not the most expensive, such as 3,000 yuan, its performance is only 1,500 yuan. There are many such examples in reality. People with lower incomes are often more likely to be victimized by unscrupulous merchants because of their lack of awareness of “high technology” and lack of information access channels. For example, home appliances to the countryside, cars to the countryside and other activities, many of which are used to deceive farmers with things that urban people do not want, and the prices are not low.

There is also a saying that “free is the most expensive”, such as games. Free players are actually “props” in the game, which are used to enhance the experience of krypton gold players. How can it be interesting to cut NPCs to cut real people? The various leaderboards in the game will also be boring. Another example is the small UP owners and small anchors of various content platforms, who have invested a lot of time and energy, but only made wedding dresses for the platform.

This is not bad, all you lose is your time. If you upgrade again, a certain product not only doesn’t want your money, but also gives you money, isn’t it more exciting? You only need to invest the principal and wait for high returns. The principal and interest-guaranteed P2P created by Hongling Ventures has opened up the era of P2P thunderstorms in China, and hundreds of billions of funds have been lost. Of course, there are also people who make money. For example, the whole village has made up their minds to be Lao Lai, and from the very beginning, they have made up their minds, “Why do you have to pay back the money you borrowed based on your ability?”

This raises another question. Bangladesh’s Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for carrying out P2P microfinance for poverty alleviation. How did he become a tool to cheat money in China?

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