Experts suggest oversupply and extreme scarcity of talented works

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As long as you go online, you can see expert advice. Those experts have neither excellent works nor systematic theories, but only tricks and tricks. In 2022, there will indeed be an oversupply of experts.

In China (human society), expert advice usually appears in advertisements. In order to sell goods, experts always like to disguise themselves as learned scholars, and in the eyes of the general public, these experts are no different from those who sell powerful pills in Jianghu~

What we need are geniuses, geniuses whose ideas are ahead of their time! They are irreplaceable in specific fields, and their works are appreciated by people, not “this is it?” . In the field of programming, programmers like Linux, and the author linus has become a god-like existence in the field of programming; Jobs released the epoch-making iPhone, and Jobs has become the spiritual totem of countless product managers; Hideo Kojima led the development of Metal Gear and died Stranded, the work was recognized by the players, so Hideo Kojima was also dubbed the title of a genius game producer by the players. The concept of cinematic games is also constantly affecting the next-generation games.

Hideo Kojima

People love genius, and genius works make people discover new worlds, and don’t think I can do it . Human curiosity is guided by genius ideas, and mediocre experts cannot produce genius ideas. May there be less and less expert advice and more and more genius works !

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