F.I.R.E Records of People Losing Confidence in the Future #11

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After going through a round of lockdown and unblocking, the world seems to be gradually returning to normal. I even took time to go back to Qingdao in the past two days. I fully felt the sadness that it is impossible to move without nucleic acid, and that nucleic acid is necessary for 72 hours to continue my life. In the past few days, the A-shares have been rising continuously, and the Shanghai Composite Index has returned to 3400 points. Some people say that it has risen too much, and they feel like they want to sell. However, considering that it fell from 3700 at the end of last year, there are still some varieties. the operating space, continue to wait and see. Under the premise of tracking goals to ensure the quality of life, we will use 10 years to accumulate assets (10% annualized investment return) to achieve the goal of supporting basic life with income after sleep. Attainment rate The current principal completion rate is 58.51%, and the total asset target completion rate is 29.09%, an increase of 3.9% over the previous record. The logic of the change plan tracking is to start from 2021, so the net assets on January 1, 2020 are recorded as the starting assets. The current account change information is as follows: Investment allocation From the perspective of the whole market, the total return this year is still Negative, because I have been pessimistic about economic development, I feel that the second half of the year will only be more difficult. Asset allocation has done a relatively large buying and selling activity this month. It is not good or bad: I sold the screw index portfolio, on the one hand, the yield is very poor, and the investment advisory fee is still quite expensive after upgrading the portfolio, on the other hand, it is to improve the The proportion of cash, and now the flexibility of living money on hand is relatively large. After the unblocking of consumption and expenditure, although there was no retaliatory consumption, the overall expenditure still rose rapidly… Looking at the composition of consumption, the daily part of life has not increased significantly, but I bought two air tickets for my mother to go back to my hometown and myself to Qingdao. , and Qingdao’s eating, drinking and entertainment have not yet been counted, and will be put in July. In addition, I bought some clothes and pants at 618 this month, as well as just-needed products such as routers, vacuum cleaners, and self-defense sprays. The surge in consumption is understandable. Let’s see if it will drop next month. When I went back to Qingdao, it was already the summer vacation in July + the tourist season of coastal cities, but it seems that the tourism industry in Qingdao is not as good as before, and many businesses in the scenic area have closed down, which is shocking. There may be other stores reopening in the future, but the loss of demand and economic losses during this period will be difficult to make up for. I am a little resistant to discussing politics, development and the future with others, and I can turn a blind eye to all kinds of negative news. I just want to hide in my own little world and become a complete nihilist… Discuss lying flat with friends, why now It will be so calm, probably because we are really disappointed and feel that it is useless to struggle… It is not that we have lost confidence in politics and economy, but we have lost confidence in the entire future.

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