Fall of 22

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It’s a few days before the National Day holiday. These two days are almost relaxing, both the adjustment just started and the wanton slow life. [1] But when I looked at the blog of the group of friends, I found that the last update was actually a plug-in that Sun Gong secretly developed with his painstaking efforts and put it on the homepage of his blog, which is really embarrassing. Urging to update, all I get is a “stupid” response. Ask him why he is so aggressive, but only get the answer “In this era of general depression among students, everyone’s aggression is not strong”, which is thought-provoking. In the past year or even half a year, some environments may have indeed become much worse due to internal and external changes. I want to make a serious comment, but I find that one is my lack of knowledge, and I don’t even have a clear position, and the other is that there is a voice that “this has nothing to do with you, just live your life well”; I want to ignore it and pretend to be years Quiet, but you can’t deceive yourself that you are safe in this world. That being the case, let me record my recent life from my own perspective.

1. Start of school

With the end of the summer vacation, the student parties have almost all started school. Just when I was about to go to Little Sweet Potato to see what miku Mr. Liu produced, or what Nantong pictures from Asuka or Ikari Shinji, a group of friends told me that Mrs. Liu was haunting github. As a “CAAer” [2] , it is really exciting for Liu Da to appear on the code platform. As soon as I opened the warehouse, I was about to suffocate – “The concept of Web3 has carried too many wishes that did not belong to it.” “Here, every player is a little prince, with his own B612 and a unique rose. .” As expected of Zhejiang University, even many students in related majors such as Web3 feel that the concept of flexing their teeth can be described so romantically. I don’t understand virtual economy , but that doesn’t mean no one understands it. A famous historical textualist once said that the virtual economy will collapse sooner or later. I haven’t learned much about politics and economy in high school, but I still fully agree with this conclusion. There is a poem as proof, the poem says:

Like cerebral palsy, comparable to Tan Shanshan
Losing the whole game is not as good as the country V 雫るる

But anyway, someone is making progress and I am empty, and it does tend to cause anxiety. So when I was going to take out my useless surface go for two months and push GAL to download PDF for learning, I found that I couldn’t get into the system to boot. I googled it online and found that this is a malignant problem on a global scale introduced by Microsoft’s update. What is even more speechless is that this problem only occurs on the lowest-equipped beggar board. Is this the rhythm that Microsoft wants to urge the poor to switch? I had no choice but to send the machine to Suzhou again, and then it took another half a month to send it back, which was very frustrating.

In this regard, later generations have a poem sigh:

Huge hard man, as the name suggests, weak in technology, but tough in mouth

2. Summer vacation

So I can only recall the summer vacation that seems to be just around the corner. This year, so-and-so vowed to report something to go back to his hometown and encouraged bloggers. He believed it was true, but he went alone and became a clown obviously. When I went in and took a look, I found that most of the interns were juniors, and I was the only sophomore, which was very embarrassing. But fortunately, because of the registration, there are still some memories that can be piled up.

I entered a unit related to Kao Gong. Go to get off work at 8:30 and leave at 5:30. The daily commute by bus takes about 40 minutes one way. Cars are usually full in the morning. Sometimes I would hold the handrail and watch the crowd go in and out, thinking about a living person. In my mind, this individual seems to be abstracted into data and symbols, and the bus becomes a moving register. Every time you go to a station, it is a CP. People get on and off the bus, and it is not a mechanical ShiftIN and ShiftOut. And once the bus leaves the station, people in the car don’t want to get off, and people outside the car can’t get on the bus – because the data is locked. Even in a crowded car, it is difficult to move – because the data in the register will not run around, and the first and eighth positions cannot be exchanged randomly. I am often amused by my unrealistic fantasies, but one day, I suddenly found that each of us was on this bus, and the name of this bus could be “Life” or “Life”. The people on the morning rush bus know which stop is the destination, but we are ignorant of the opportunities and challenges outside each stop. Just like data can only be manipulated by CP, we are entrapped by information and the environment, and it is difficult to escape. We are embedded in a limited space, and we slowly stand one by one according to a track, either within expectations or beyond expectations. Station swipe. I was hesitant and stood still, so the scenery on both sides quickly reversed, passed the six-lane national highway, passed the KTV that was taken away by the Disciplinary Committee of the two cadres, passed the remote gas station, passed by He walked through the tunnel with alternating light and dark, passed the newly built Ferris wheel on the island, passed the unfinished building opposite the city government, and finally stopped in front of the stop sign next to the unit. Come to think of it, what should I do? I just got off the bus at the station, and walked into the office building step by step in the sunlight before the sun was too strong.


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