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The complete list of winners of the 7th One-way Street Bookstore Literary Award


It’s been a tough April. Crying from afar can be heard incessantly. The author of “She Came From Mariupol” is taking care of relatives who have fled Ukraine, and has no time to take into account any praise the book has received; friends who are trapped in Shanghai, because they can’t get a haircut for a long time, are ashamed to show their faces, and communicate with everyone only by voice. The Literary Prize was held in April like this.
Difficulties are also nearby. This year’s Literature Award was originally considered to go to Hangzhou and Anaya, and it was also considered to be held earlier. As a result, due to the epidemic, I had to decide to return to the one-way space Dongfeng store. Unexpectedly, the opposite side of the road became a closed area again. Finally, the Literary Award Ceremony came to the bookstore in Joy City, Chaoyang, to meet more readers by live video.
The scale and setting of this time are similar to those of the first Literary Award. Seven years ago, the Literary Prize was born out of resistance to the noise of the times, looking for voices worth listening to that could reach the future. This is still the driving force for us to hold literary awards, but the new social environment also raises new questions. When the familiar way of life is falling apart, we are speechless about big issues and retreat to our personal feelings. What is the meaning of a literary award today?
The winners of the 7th One-way Street Bookstore Literary Awards were announced last night. The following is the full list of winners. The Literary Award not only provides encouragement and support for those who work hard in the cultural industry (the Literary Award sets a bonus of 10,000 yuan for each individual award, and an annual tribute of 50,000 yuan), but also brings together different voices to jointly find footnotes for the problems of our time, The speeches of the guests of the evening will be shared with you in a follow-up review tweet.
It is hoped that the literary award is just a trigger, and we can continue to reunite into a community with the love of concrete individuals and abstract knowledge in our daily life, transcend the limitations of individuals, and then rush to the true spring.























Thank you to 100 independent bookstores for nominations for this year’s Literary Awards

I wish you all the best of luck until next year, we will meet again



give love to time


Fellow travelers in the long journey of time and fate, take care of each other!


Poet and writer Chen Nianxi

The 7th One-Way Street Bookstore Literary Awards have come to an end, but our reaffirmation of solidarity and love will not stop. We continue the cooperation between 423 Reading Biweekly and Kingsoft Documents, and continue to initiate the solicitation of sentences about “love” to all readers, hoping to “give time with love” .

We will filter out three sentences of reader submissions and make them into a one-way calendar from April 25th to 27th, and update them on the one-way calendar official account, one-way street library Weibo, and one-way APP. Looking forward to your sharing.

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