Feeling late for three years of college


This year is also the third year that I have stayed in the three books. I have been thinking of summarizing the three years of university campus studies. Recently, I have a little spare time, so I will write some essays.


First-class universities focus on learning, third-class universities focus on discipline, and a good university will truly cultivate students into talents, while most ordinary universities only hope that students will spend four years without committing crimes, which can only play a role in the cultivation of students’ abilities. a very limited role.

No one likes a boring class over a fun, humorous class. An ordinary dual-non-university university often cannot obtain very good teaching resources, and the teaching resources that can be obtained by the private sector are even more pitiful.

It is a pity that even if the teachers who graduated from East China Normal University who paid a lot of money for the three books, most teachers and professors lack experience (excellent teachers cannot choose to teach in the three books), few have such skills to control the entire classroom , can not get the approval of the students, the students will naturally give up if they do not understand. The teacher didn’t have much sense of achievement, and finally the classes were all started, but the dilemma of futile use is not uncommon in such schools.

I think this kind of course is best described as useless work, because students basically can’t learn anything in these courses, even if it is a professional course, if there is no good teacher to guide, it is very likely that students will be persuaded to quit collectively at the beginning. Opening this course would be meaningless.

On paper, I feel shallow at the end, and I absolutely know that this matter has to be done. The CS major has always pursued actual combat development, and it has always been the top priority for working on the field in person. Nowadays, many textbooks in universities are compiled by the schools themselves, and the quality is really bad. Some textbooks are purely theoretical, and they do not pay attention to the practice that can really improve students’ ability and literacy.

With reference to the after-school homework of some good universities at home and abroad, they all guide students to try to write their own sorting algorithms, calculate some probabilities, and guide them to truly understand the charm of computer language algorithms, and lay the foundation for the following data structures. A solid foundation, and most schools are just a Word for experimental reports. The homework is also an exercise on how to exchange variable values ​​and use for loops to perform bubble sort, and the code is directly thrown on the PPT, and students directly copy the code. Paste it to complete the task.

The consequence of this is that a considerable number of students are now discouraged by such boring and even boring courses, and they don’t want to copy the experiment report by themselves. Now the school blames all the problems on the students. They think that the students have poor quality and discipline, play mobile phones and skip classes in class. Therefore, they pay close attention to returning late and paying close attention to the attendance rate, but they cannot improve the quality of teachers’ classes (to be precise, they want to care about It’s no use, because the grade of the school determines the vision level of the school teachers, there is no leader who knows what to do, and I don’t know how to give all the teachers a good syllabus), the students are obediently attending the class, but they go It can only be fun. Teachers and students are not in the same world. If students take part of the responsibility, teachers cannot escape the blame.

I took C language in my freshman year. At that time, the students at least still brought some serious study spirit of senior year, but after a few classes, most of the students gave up, and no one wanted to fail the class, but if the teacher It is not possible to teach in a simple and easy-to-understand way, and it is really from the perspective of cultivating students. The whole course can only be understood by a few people (students with programming foundation), and there is not much nutrition. Such things as grammar are natural in practice. It will be done, there is no need to talk about it separately, it is best to let students complete a project through the teacher’s semi-assistance to achieve the purpose of learning based on actual combat, and students will have a sense of achievement, a process of a virtuous circle.

In fact, the C language is not suitable for teaching in the freshman year. The teaching logic of the current school is very strange. After the grammar of the computer language, the framework is slowly made up, and the things that should be taught last are the freshmen who are ignorant In any case, teach it. When contacting CS major, you should first teach students how to plan their own learning methods in the future, and how to slowly determine their CS major in the future (software development? Web front-end and back-end full-stack development? Java engineer? Network security direction? Wait for Yunyun) , especially how to learn this major (learning method) well, unfortunately none of these.

Even if you want to learn a language in your freshman year, Python is the most suitable, because it has a clear structure (indentation determines the level), and it is one of the easiest languages ​​for newcomers to learn. The funny thing is that we are still learning Python in our third year. Shouldn’t this be earlier Should I teach in freshman year? To achieve the same function, it is mainly in the algorithm and logical conception. The language is only a tool to achieve the purpose. Why choose a very difficult and abstract language to start with?

All of these make it possible to find a satisfactory job in real employment even if you earnestly study all the contents of the university courses, because the separation between them is too obvious. In many cases, if you really want to learn CS well, you still have to rely on self-study, which is also The current recognized embarrassing situation for CS students.


Now affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, schools have become more closed. Some colleges and universities have taken this opportunity to greatly limit the number and time of students’ out-of-school activities, and even prohibit students from leaving the school altogether, so that students can only stay in the school. The consumption in the university is to feed the canteen of the school. They seem to have forgotten the original intention of founding the university, and only regard the students as leeks to harvest money.

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