Feinuomenzhen completed over 100 million yuan in Series A financing, led by Dachen Caizhi Venture Capital

Pheonix is ​​a computer system developer, dedicated to FPGA-based replacement of CPU for storage and computing, and provides non-von Neumann operating systems. Facing the massive data in the era of 5G and artificial intelligence, realize low-latency and low-energy computing network infrastructure, and integrate edge computing, cloud-edge combined with edge-cloud and other business frameworks to achieve flexible computing solutions in the new era, serving smart cities, The AI ​​field, blockchain field, and 5G field are a new generation of network computing architecture that integrates computing/storage/communication. The company recently announced the completion of a Series A financing of over 100 million yuan, led by Shenzhen Dachen Caizhi Venture Capital, Beijing Haiguo Rongzhi, Beijing Jinke Junchuang, Guangdong Zhaoqing Caixin, Beijing Yinshan Science and Technology Innovation, Hainan Rongdao The investment and Shenzhen Rock Capital followed the investment, and the angel round led the investment institution Shoujian Investment continued to pursue the investment. The financing funds will continue to be used for the core technology research and development of Philosopher’s new generation network computing system and the deep cultivation and expansion of intelligent edge computing and cloud-edge integration market business.

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