First experience of using nvim-tree.lua

I’ve been using Vim for a long time, and I remember the earliest days,
Or watch various Vim configuration tutorials on the Internet.
In most of these tutorials, a feature called File Explorer is mentioned.

The file tree plugin is also a necessary plugin for my daily use of Vim.
When I first came into contact with Vim, there were very few plugins at that time.
Only built-in netrw .
Later came into contact with nerdtree and
Shougo’s vimfiler ,
Includes defx.nvim rewritten by Shougo to use the neovim remote plugin feature.

Currently, SpaceVim already supports the above file tree plugins, which can be set through the filemanager option:

 [options] filemanager = "nerdtree"

The Neovim project currently supports lua by default, and many plugins are rewritten using lua.
File trees are no exception.
Recently I saw a good file tree plugin nvim-tree.lua ,
It is planned to add support for this plugin to SpaceVim as well. Before the next time, let’s experience the functions of this plugin:

Test version:[email protected]

Enable nvim-tree :

 [options] filemanager = "nvim-tree" 


existing problems

Use :NvimTreeFindFile Unable to find current file.

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