Five random Europe and the United States, the emperor dies

On September 8, local time, 70 years after her accession to the throne, the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom finally passed away after failing to survive the year of the new crown. Just two days before her death, on September 6, local time, she received the new Conservative Party leader Elizabeth Truss (Elizabeth Truss) to complete the formal appointment of Truss as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In this sense, my assessment of Elizabeth II is:

Five random Europe and the United States, the emperor died and the society.

Is not it?

From her enthronement on February 6, 1952 to the present, from a little girl to an elderly lady, she has witnessed the country she took over from the “Empire on which the Sun Never Sets” shrinking back to the mainland of the British Island step by step. More and more, not only Scotland insists on a referendum on independence, but also England itself, it is also full of immigrants of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, so that Pakistani immigrant Sadiq Khan (Sadiq Khan) has been controlling the British capital London since 2016. The mayor is important; so that in 2021, the Conservative Party launched a competition for the mayor of London with Sadiq Khan, not a native ethnic figure, but a black Shaun Bailey; so that when the new Prime Minister Truss took office, he was the most A strong competitor is the Indian immigrant Rishi Sunak, so that the grassroots members of the Conservative Party pushed Truss to the position of the new party leader and the new prime minister from the normal feelings and rationality of normal people. The four important ministers appointed by the new cabinet did not even have a native ethnic man;… Even Truss himself, although he has the ambition of Mrs Thatcher, can he have the ability of Mrs Thatcher?

Don’t deceive yourself and promote Western-style “political correctness” such as “multiculturalism”! It is absolutely impossible to maintain a country by relying only on one concept and one system without sufficient internal racial and ethnic consistency. From China’s five rioters to Western barbarians’ invasion of Rome; from Kashmir to resisting many Islamic jihads From the conquering frenzy of the highland Buddhist country and the Hindu homeland being seized into the land dominated by Islam, to the role of alien immigrants in the partition of Poland; … History has shown us time and time again that this ruthless objective law, the West has absolutely no With the possible exception of self-deception, it will only cause them to perish earlier and die more thoroughly. Of course, Queen Elizabeth II’s public remarks will not violate the current wave of “political correctness” in Western society, but she has received a good education, has nearly a hundred years of rich experience, and has shown quite strong self-discipline… Such a person, she Do you really believe in such ignorant “political correctness” in Western society?

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After experiencing so many British prime ministers from Churchill to the present, and having contact with so many political leaders in the Western world from World War II to the present, she is not rational and objective about whether the talents and abilities of current Western politicians are sufficient to deal with the chaos. judge?

She is not a heartless person who only seeks pleasure, but only because of this, as the king of a country, she has experienced the decline of the country’s fortune for almost a century, and her heart must be particularly painful. Although the British did not have the Chinese tradition of moral requirements for the monarch of “the death of the emperor”, it was a relief for her to die before Scotland completed the referendum on secession; completing the formal formalities for the formation of the cabinet two days before her death avoided the monarch The political vacuum of her death and the absence of a new government is also considered “the death of the emperor” to her.

This country used to be our enemy, and after he took office, Truss will probably rub against us again and again and sparks are scattered. However, with an overall view and a long-term perspective, the greater value of this country to us is to serve as our lesson and the object of our learning. As a great country striving for rejuvenation, our value in this world is not reflected in the war with the past and present rivals, but in the possibility of providing a sustainable order to the world. Because of this, we need to review and summarize the experience and lessons of Britain’s rise from the rise to the present when it is in danger of disintegration from a neutral and objective point of view, so that our own country can go more stable, better and longer. With a solid and broad chassis, it can regroup faster and move towards revival, rather than because the chassis disintegrates and never has hope of revival.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, “By the grace of God, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other Territories and Dependencies, Head of the Commonwealth, and Protector of Christianity,” her teenage years of experience and succession on the throne The fallen empire has been blown away by the rain and the wind, and we ushered in the anniversary of the leader who led the Chinese Jedi to counterattack and change their fate against the sky. Let us learn from the experiences and lessons of various countries and walk steadily, better and longer.


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