Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Hibernation Error on Arch Linux

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Problem Description

After my Dell laptop is restored on archlinux, the touchpad events become completely unresponsive or respond incorrectly. This is true on both the lts kernel and the latest kernels.

Troubleshooting process

After checking journalctl , nothing unusual was found. After searching on the Internet, I found that someone mentioned the problem of i2c_hid , and looked for the problem from this level. Checked dmseg and found i2c_hid: i2c_hid_get_input: incomplete report error after resuming from hibernation. After finding this discussion online again, I realized what was causing this.

Repair method

It was also because of a hibernation problem on the system (it will not automatically power off after hibernation, so I added a sentence HibernateMode=shutdown to /etc/systemd/sleep.conf to force the system to hibernate in shutdown mode. But not using platform mode will cause The touchpad did not complete the hibernation process normally. I tried the latest kernel today and it seems that the hibernation problem has been fixed, so I changed the sentence back to the original HibernateMode=platform shutdown , and then restarted, the touchpad returned to normal.

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