“Flying Bears Led Fresh” received 100 million yuan in Series B financing, led by Guotong Chuangfeng


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Chuangyebang learned from the media that the Internet platform “Feixiong Lingxian” for the imported frozen products industry recently completed a B round of financing of 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Guotong Chuangfeng, an equity investment platform under China Investment Capital, and joined by the old shareholder Tongchuangweiye.

The funds from this financing will be mainly used to iterate the digital trading platform and promote the digitization of the entire industry chain; promote the implementation of the cloud factory strategy, establish a digital supply chain management system, and empower the prefabricated vegetable factory and terminal KA customers; continue to expand the national distribution network; introduce High-end management talents, etc.

According to public information, Feixiong Lingxian was established in 2018. Since its establishment, the company has completed four rounds of financing. According to the introduction of Feixiong Fresh, the company covers more than 250 supplier resources in more than 30 production areas and countries in the upstream supply chain, including Europe, South America, North America, Australia, etc., and serves more than 20,000 domestic downstream large, medium and small traders, wholesale Businesses, processing plants and supply chain enterprises provide digital supply chain services, and the annual transaction scale of the platform is nearly 10 billion.

The investment team of Guotong Chuangfeng stated that, as a market-oriented investment institution with the background of central enterprises, Guotong Chuangfeng firmly supports the supply of consumer industries in my country’s livelihood, focuses on the investment direction of industrial Internet and industrial Internet under the digital economy system, and selects industries with high barriers and good business models. A high-quality core enterprise with digital innovation and active capital market performance. The market size of the animal food industry served by Feixiong Lingxian is nearly 10 trillion yuan, with a solid industrial foundation, a rich industrial chain structure, and many industrial pain points encountered in the transformation of a market-oriented economy, which contains huge industry opportunities. Relying on the industry resources and experience accumulated by the founder and team in the field of imported frozen products for nearly 30 years, Feixiong Lingxian began to incubate a frozen meat meat asset-light service platform in 2018. In the past four years, it has rapidly developed into a domestic leading integrated upstream chain It is a comprehensive digital trading platform for the entire industry chain of the import trade procurement and distribution of frozen meat products, the midstream coarse and fine processing and pre-made vegetable formats, and the downstream brand supply chain reaching sub-terminals and consumers. Guotong Chuangfeng will use its extensive resources in the meat and industrial Internet fields and its operating experience in the capital market to continue to empower Feixiong Lingxian and help its rapid development.

As an old shareholder, Tongchuangweiye also very much agrees with the strategic iteration of the company’s management, and further expands the services from the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to pre-made dishes and terminal KA customers, and participated in this round of follow-up investment.

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