For all foreign trade merchants, Alibaba International Station launched the “digital export” plan

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 Titanium Media APP reported on May 14 that the recent global epidemic has repeatedly occurred. In order to help foreign trade merchants better cope with risks and challenges, Alibaba International Station has recently launched a low-key "digital export to the sea" plan to further open up the digital foreign trade service capabilities that have been accumulated for many years. To help foreign trade merchants achieve deterministic performance and stable operation, ali provides a package of productized services including logistics, cross-border payment collection, compliance assurance, etc., covering all aspects of cross-border trade.  Some merchants who have tried the service said that before, only members on Alibaba International Station could enjoy official services. This year, logistics, finance and other services are open to all foreign trade merchants. In this regard, there are also industry service providers who believe that foreign trade is under pressure this year, and online platforms have many new opportunities and dividends, but the new policy is currently not well understood. It is recommended that platforms strengthen publicity, so that more merchants can enjoy digital convenience.

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