Force Control Technology completed 200 million yuan financing

Force Control Technology is a manufacturing + Internet integration industry solution and related industrial software product provider and service provider. Force Control Technology’s rich product line has built a complete industrial Internet system architecture. Recently completed 200 million yuan financing. This round of financing was led by Hangshi Asset Management, a strategic investment platform under Hangzhou Industrial Investment Group, and led by Cornerstone Fund, SDIC Chuanghe National Guiding Fund, Beijing Qunlicheng, Beijing Zijing Baichuang, Haier Kaos Fund, Beijing University of Technology Science and Technology Innovation Fund, Guangzhou Urban Investment Industrial Fund, Guangzhou Huangpu Intelligent Manufacturing Fund, Capital Development Group Fund, Hainan Xinrong Fund and Beijing Xinqiao Hongsheng also participated in the investment, and Haoshi Capital served as the financial advisor. This financing will be mainly used for the company’s product R&D iteration and market expansion, and seize opportunities for digital transformation and localization.

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