Fosun Xingmai completes strategic financing of over 100 million yuan

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36氪 was informed that Shanghai Xingmai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fosun Xingmai”) completed a strategic financing of over 100 million yuan. Fosun Pharma and Sinopharm Zhongjin jointly led the investment, and Anting Industry participated in the investment. The existing shareholder, Fosun Pharma, will continue to make additional investment this time, while introducing industrial capital partners.

Founded in February 2018, Fosun Xingmai is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of medical imaging and pathological artificial intelligence software and digital solutions. Its products mainly analyze medical images through the use of artificial intelligence technology. Early screening and diagnosis of the disease, 36氪 has reported it in detail before .

At present, Fosun Xingmai has realized the layout of multi-disciplinary medical artificial intelligence products such as “radiation, pathology, ultrasound, cardiac, respiratory, orthopedics, neurology, and breast surgery”, and its industrial cooperation covers more than 500 medical institutions at home and abroad, such as Fudan University. Cancer Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, Changzheng Hospital of Naval Medical University, etc.

According to industry research reports, the scale of China’s medical artificial intelligence market has maintained rapid growth and is expected to exceed RMB 100 billion in 2030. As the demand for precision medicine continues to expand, higher requirements are placed on doctors’ work efficiency, which will expand and accelerate the demand for medical artificial intelligence products, thereby promoting the development of the medical artificial intelligence industry and enterprises.

Taking Xingmai Jingling, a digital microscopic image analysis system independently developed by Fosun Xingmai, as an example, it consists of an automatic microscopic scanner and an artificial intelligence analysis module, and has constructed a “slide scanning, auxiliary analysis, structural The one-stop pathology service process of “Report”. It is reported that Xingmaijingling’s digital microscopic scanning system can be unattended, and a single device can support more than a thousand scans per day, which can effectively improve the efficiency of doctors (2-3 times compared to traditional manual reading). On this basis, it can help reduce the probability of false detection and missed detection, improve the accuracy of image reading, and solve the shortage of pathologists. 


(Xingmaijingling PYXIS artificial intelligence microscope all-in-one machine)

Ms. He Chuan, a global partner of Fosun and chairman of Fosun Xingmai, said that with the development of science and technology, people’s pursuit of health is increasing. In addition to basic treatment and diagnosis, chronic disease management and disease prevention have become an indispensable part. As one of the important means to understand human organs and master health data, medical imaging, especially artificial intelligence imaging, continues to develop in this wave. “As a local AI company, Fosun Xingmai feels the state’s support for the development of the medical AI industry from both regulatory and market perspectives. In the future, Fosun Xingmai will continue to accumulate data and build a business model to provide services and services. Medical institutions. “

In the construction of technology and scientific research applications, Fosun Xingmai has been focusing on the application of data analysis in interdisciplinary fields. It has completed more than 100 patents and won many championships in international competitions such as LUNA, Cancer Cellularity Challenge, and MICCAI-FLARE. , and also won a number of national-level major projects of innovation projects. In this way, Fosun Xingmai has created a multi-product matrix. Through the AI+X model, it covers multiple diseases and realizes the coverage of the entire digital intelligent medical scene from clinical diagnosis, treatment plan design, department collaboration, remote diagnosis and treatment, and follow-up tracking. Form a multi-disease overall solution from diagnosis to treatment, and at the same time, it can be flexibly combined according to needs to help doctors in daily diagnosis and treatment.


“AI+X” mode covers all scenarios of smart medical care

At the same time, Fosun Xingmai is also improving the service capabilities of the core scenarios of tiered diagnosis and treatment, such as early screening, remote diagnosis and treatment, precision medicine, etc. Through the “AI+X” product form of Dushu, it promotes the construction of a remote diagnosis and treatment system, and helps China’s tiered diagnosis and treatment. The implementation of precision medical solutions.

According to Mr. Wu Yifang, Chairman of Fosun Pharma, Fosun Pharma is the first medical artificial intelligence aided diagnosis platform self-incubated by Fosun Pharma. The future development trend continues to be optimistic. Talking about the follow-up development, Mr. Li Ke, general manager of Sinopharm CICC, the investor this time, said: Imaging and pathological data are the cornerstones of disease diagnosis, treatment and health management. China faces the problems of shortage of imaging and pathology doctors and uneven distribution of medical resources. The application of AI in the auxiliary diagnosis of imaging and pathology to improve efficiency and empower grass-roots hospitals will be imperative. Fosun Apricot’s products have received practical verification and good feedback in multiple departments and diseases, and it has taken the lead in exploring the flexible application of the SaaS model, which has advantages in serving doctors, patients and realizing regional medical resource coordination.

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