From Japan’s nuclear waste water discharge to nuclear war, how far are we from the doomsday wasteland?

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On August 24, 2023, Japan officially began to discharge nuclear wastewater into the ocean, once again proving to us how stupid human beings are and what serious consequences narrow economic rationality will lead to.

Similarly, from the perspective of economic rationality, US imperialism and the military-industrial complex, biomedical capital, and financial consortia behind it will definitely continue to launch and expand wars. Trade wars, financial wars, biological warfare, virus warfare, and hot wars have all been staged in turn. Although I don’t want to admit it, nuclear war is inevitable.

The time window is uncertain, but it is not far away. Starting today, I have adjusted my future plans, giving priority to making some necessary preparations for survival in the doomsday wasteland, including but not limited to survival skills, physical training and basic survival materials.

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