Full moon in the pool

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Full moon in the pool

I have been to Jingshan Temple many times, but I don’t know much about the rise and fall of Jingshan Temple. This time I found that the Jingshan Temple Exhibition Hall was open. I had time to learn about the history of Jingshan Temple.

The beginning of the history of the temple is the “water in the pool full moon comes spontaneously” by the founder of Jingshan Temple, the founder of the mountain. Even far away in Japan, the prototype of the young monk Yixiu in the Japanese cartoon is the disciple of the Zen master Jingshan Xutang.

Full moon in the pool Japanese monk Ikkyu – Zen master Jingshan Xutang

In addition to the founder of the mountain, the most famous person in the Jingshan Temple in the past is the Zen master Gao of Dahuizong. He is the founder of Kanhuachan and a hero who advocates against gold. He was also exiled to Hainan.

After that, there is also the famous Zen Master Shifan. His disciple, Zen Master Muxi, influenced the trend of Japanese painting with his freewheeling style of painting. It seems that he is more famous.

In addition to the character line in the exhibition hall, there is also a timeline of the rise and fall of temples in the past dynasties. Basically, every chairperson does two things: building temples and preaching Buddhism. Generally speaking, a person who has a high level of Buddhist practice, or a chairperson who has carried forward the study of Zen, has also made great contributions to the expansion of the temple. Funding is easy.

In addition, from the brief history of Jingshan Temple, it can be seen that Buddhists also tried to increase their influence by influencing government officials and even emperors. Xiaozong is an example of Jingshan Temple trying to intervene in politics to increase its influence. The so-called “water in the pool is full of moon” is just the result of a successful game.

The reason why I like to go to Jingshan Temple is mainly because it is far away from the urban area and there are few people there. You can go up the mountain along the ancient road of Jingshan from halfway up the mountain, and you can still exercise. Day by day, more and more buildings have been built in the name of Dajingshan tourism. It seems to restore the unprecedented grand occasion of 3,000 monks in the heyday of Jingshan Mountain. Tickets have also risen from 10 yuan six or seven years ago to 30 yuan. However, because one does not burn incense, and the other does not worship Buddha, although he has visited many times, now he only goes up the mountain and does not enter the mountain gate.

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