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A car accident killed 27 people, because the cause of death was a traffic accident, so their deaths became “unimportant” in the self-justifying rules of the game.

A few days ago, I saw an article that the 27 people who died in car accidents were counted as non-coincidental deaths since the new crown epidemic, and the basic data of 4.12 million people were needed. How is it calculated?

1. The strain of this outbreak in Guizhou is clearly the Omicron strain, which is consistent with Shanghai this spring. We might as well use the data in Shanghai as a reference.

2. Shanghai has accumulated about 610,000 infections and 588 deaths, so the mortality rate is about 9.6 per 10,000.

3. Among the 588 deaths, the average age was 82 years old, and all had underlying diseases.

4. Mr. Guan can fully demonstrate here that the 588 deaths in Shanghai are almost all accidental deaths, that is to say, most of these people will die without being infected with the new crown. This is very easy to understand, because a person has a serious underlying disease, so let alone the five-year survival rate, the survival rate of surviving three months is not very high. The epidemic in Shanghai lasted for two months, and these people are at any time. Coincidental deaths are not surprising at all.

5. Let’s see, how many of these 588 people are young and have no underlying diseases? After searching for a long time, referring to a paper “Estimation of disease burden and clinical severity of COVID-19 caused by Omicron BA.2 in Shanghai, February-June 2022” published by Shanghai Medical, 4 of the 588 people were under the age of 60.

6. That is to say, 610,000 infections can cause 4 people to die unintentionally, and the mortality rate is only 6.6% per million.

7. So today, these 27 people can be said to have died by accident. How many people need to be infected in order to cause the non-accidental deaths of 27 people? It is calculated that 4.12 million people need to be infected, which is 10.7% of the total resident population of Guizhou.

——Excerpt from “Guizhou bus rolls over, how many people are infected with the new crown? 》|Ballkeeper

Of course, this kind of “human life conversion” is an almost absurdist method. I believe that if you can understand the mystery, you can actually “soberly” see the root cause behind this “traffic accident”.

But unfortunately, most people would rather keep themselves in the dark than face the truth. Even this interesting “human life conversion system” has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of most Chinese people.

Not long ago, I read an article analyzing the campus homicides in China and the United States. The content of the article stated that “the school massacres in the United States are almost all caused by guns”, and thus the idea that “China’s campuses are very safe”. Some people questioned the author of the article under the article, using the shooting case as the standard, and the sample of Chinese campuses is 0, which has no meaning for comparison at all. As a result, the people who questioned this group of people were scolded by the author of the article, and everyone should be able to guess the content of the scolding: You are a foreign-loving dog traitor.

To be honest, I actually really want to study the data on deaths from bullying on Chinese and foreign campuses – but I believe that I can’t get the data on deaths from bullying on Chinese campuses under the condition of “guaranteeing my own personal safety”. It is necessary to consider whether the surveillance video at the critical time will be “just” broken.

Obviously, even if the study is based on the campus bullying death sample, I believe that China can still win, because the samples that can be found have been “optimized”, so this study itself does not have much social significance . What’s more , the conclusion that “Chinese campuses are safer, but ignoring the actual campus bullying to death” by studying the Sino-US school shootings is not of social significance – it is quite in line with the style of realist satire literature.

In 2020, the number of road deaths in mainland China is about 617.03 million, and the samples of 27 people are thrown into it, which is very small; if these 27 are converted to 5,226 deaths due to the new crown virus in mainland China (note that this is officially recognized as a cause of death) The death of the new crown virus does not include secondary death data), then the death of these 27 people seems so important-this may be as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain in reality. So in the end, no one has classified the lives of these 27 people into the interval that should be classified. They are just a number, and even history does not allow them to be remembered.

This is the essence of the “human life conversion system”. Throwing their lives into different samples and benchmarks can even draw diametrically opposite conclusions. Anyone who understands can see the problem here, but if you tell a lie a thousand times and let a thousand people repeat it, then the lie will definitely become the truth, so that people have learned this kind of life-saving calculation.

When I was a student, because I was still a little writer, I was fortunate enough to be a conference clerk and attend internal meetings of the school’s faculty and staff. The meeting started off as bullshit until the last topic, which caught my eye. The school leaders are summarizing the “death” data on campus for the past five years as of this semester. There were 3 student deaths, 2 suicides, and 1 accident in my school. I don’t know whether this value is “serious” or not. I recorded the value truthfully and listened to the school leaders continue to speak.

He went on to explain that these three accidents were reported to the police in time, and they were ruled by the police that they were not responsible for the management of the school, but they still caused the three families who lost their children to have disputes with the school. Therefore, in the coming school year, schools should strengthen teachers’ psychological intervention on students to prevent and prevent students from personal injury caused by psychology.

Of course, this value still has no “concept” in my mind. He continued: But our school has done a good job of intervening in student casualties. In another middle school around our school, there were 4 incidents of student casualties just last year, which is more than our school’s past 5 years. The sum is more.

Having said that, I can also guess his intention: our school is still very effective in managing the personal safety of students. I hope that all faculty and staff will maintain and do better.

This “human life conversion” account has to be said that it was done very poorly, but at least the school leaders themselves were moved. Compared with the number of deaths, especially in our school, it took 5 years to only 3 deaths. And the school next door surpassed our 5-year achievement in just 1 year. From this point of view, it is obvious that the three students who died for what reason are not so important, because they represent the “value”, In such comparisons and “conversions”, the assignments they represent have been completely lost.

Afterwards, our school knows who died for what reason in other schools, and we can learn it as a lesson; and for the three dead classmates in our school, I still don’t know the reason, and who they are. Who.

Years later, we will forget those 27 people, but they are still lingering in that dark section of the road. They who have become earthbound spirits will keep asking every one of us passing here who has been taught the correct collective memory – is the epidemic over? , can we go back…

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