Funfor Cam – Film-like photos in Hasselblad, Fuji, Ricoh colors straight out, plus a whole bunch of retouching tools [iPhone/iPad]

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Funfor Cam is a camera app on iOS. It mainly produces film-like photos in Hasselblad, Fuji and Ricoh colors. It also has a lot of professional photo processing tools, such as curves, HSL, transparency , Photo Frame, Soft Light, Tilt Shift Blur, and more. @Appinn

方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad]

I haven’t introduced the serious #camera app for a long time. The developer @tolecen from the Discovery Channel shared a post a few days ago: Add a photo frame with Xiaomi Leica flavor to photos with one click . The rendering is as follows:

方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 1
方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 2

方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 3

Fonfo camera

Fonfo Camera is a film simulation and retouching app that can shoot film-like photos directly. It also has a variety of professional retouching tools, such as: HSL, curves, highlight shadows, tilt-shift blur, etc.

The new photo frame function has just been launched recently. You can add a variety of photo frames with one click, and there is also the recently popular Xiaomi Leica-flavored bottom bar photo frame.

方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 4

After selecting the photo frame, click again to customize the background color, shooting time, and even the icon in the lower right corner.

Although Green Frog also feels that adding a frame to the Fangfu camera will instantly improve the quality of the photo, the Fangfu camera is really a professional camera:

  • HSL: Adjust individual colors, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, magenta;
  • Curve: Professional curve tool, including 4 curves of RGB, red, green and blue;
  • Transparency: remove the hazy feeling and make the picture more transparent;
  • A variety of basic adjustment tools: grain, saturation, contrast, color temperature, hue, highlights, shadows, etc.;
  • Photo Frames: A variety of beautiful photo frames are available;
  • Soft Light: Create a comfortable and dreamy soft light effect;
  • Tilt-Shift Blur: Blur the photo up and down, creating a zoomed-out feel
方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 5

The little frog prefers two functions:

Excellent film simulation color and film texture

An easy-to-use retro film analog camera with an excellent film color scheme that can easily bring out the excellent colors of Fuji, Hasselblad, Ricoh and other cameras. Contains a variety of color schemes, you can also adjust the grain strength of the film individually, and there are various aspect ratios to choose from, such as 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, XPAN 65:24, etc. Wrong! You can beautify your face just like filming.

方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 6

Tilt Shift Blur – Create a miniature effect

The original tilt-shift photography requires an expensive tilt-shift lens to be shot on a professional camera. With the Fonfo camera, you can create your own tilt-shift effect at will.

Tilt-shift photography can make the original huge objects in the real world become miniature and cute, just like stepping into the Lilliputian in the fairy tale world.

方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 7

The original transparency adjustment allows you to make the original foggy photos clearer when you take some landscape photos, and the original dim and hazy details immediately become clear and vivid.

方弗相机(Funfor Cam)- 直出哈苏、富士、理光色彩的胶片感照片,以及一大堆的修图工具[iPhone/iPad] 8


Note that some functions of the Fangfu camera require subscription. The developer has sent some subscription members and a few permanent members, which will be given out by lottery on the niche software WeChat public account (appinncom), you can pay attention in advance.


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