Game technology accelerates the integration of data and reality, NetEase Fuxi excavator is exposed for the first time


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36氪 was informed that the NetEase Fuxi mining robot was unveiled at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, which is also the first time it has been exposed to the public. The NetEase Fuxi mining robot upgrades traditional construction machinery to robots through an intelligent mining system, transmits the perception data of the excavator to the remote client in real time, and supports low-latency remote control of mouse buttons, handles and other equipment. The remote client has gamified operation functions such as “click where to dig”, one-click soil dumping, one-click leveling, and one-click slope repairing. Currently, the efficiency of traditional manual operations has been surpassed in typical scenarios such as dumping and loading. At the end of September, the Fuxi mining robot will also participate in the construction of key infrastructure railway projects in the southwest of the country.
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