GCL Group and CATL intend to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of heavy truck battery replacement and battery recycling


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Pinwan, August 24, according to the 21st Century Business Herald, GCL Group has signed a strategic agreement with CATL.

According to the agreement, in terms of the versatility of heavy-duty truck swap stations, the two parties will carry out technical cooperation and exchanges to facilitate the interoperability and integration of heavy-duty truck swap stations; in terms of power battery cascade utilization, the two parties will optimize the full life cycle battery cost according to the heavy truck + energy storage application scenario. Realize the cascade utilization of power batteries in the field of energy storage. In addition, the two parties will actively discuss innovative cooperation in the field of power battery recycling, and join hands with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to jointly build a mobile energy ecosystem. In this cooperation, CATL and GCL Group will also start from various aspects such as lithium ore resources, cathode and anode materials, battery systems, etc., and conduct technical verification on the GCL physical method.

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