Getting Started Guide for TRON Web Wallet

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TRON 网络钱包使用入门指南


I have nothing to do to see how to use the wallet. Unfortunately, the online tutorials are either CtrlC+V or fart, as well as advertising, fraud, fake software, pulling people’s heads, and blowing air coins. Yes, there are basically not many that can be watched, and the ones that can be watched are also the old version from N years ago. It’s a simple matter that can’t be explained clearly. It really makes people laugh.

Starter software

Please download from regular channels, there are many fake software, and remember not to scan any QR codes, and do not transfer money to unknown persons.

Don’t bother with airdrop idiots.

Common wallets include IMTOKEN, Fox, Trust, etc.

This article takes IMTOKEN as an example.

start using

To get started, it first asks you to memorize mnemonics and set up a password. Using the same information, the same “account” can be used in multiple wallets without conflict or top number. Pay attention to safe storage.

Since it is a multi-chain wallet, you need to click on the upper left corner to find “TRX”, if not, go to the management in the upper right corner to add it.

When you open the TRX wallet for the first time, there are two default currencies, TRX and USDT. The main functions are scanning code, transfer, payment and resource management.

Among them, don’t use the code scanning function. Transfer and collection are basic operations, so there is nothing to say. Resource management refers to bandwidth and energy. This is also the most problematic part of most tutorials.



Energy, the English name Energy, this article is referred to as E. In the IMTOKEN wallet, the bandwidth unit is ms, 32,686 energy -> 32.68ms, which is 1000 to 1.

Transactions that trigger smart contracts and create smart contracts consume energy, which can be obtained by staking TRX

Generally speaking:

  1. TRX, the basic currency transfer, does not need to consume energy, but requires bandwidth, refer to the case
  2. TRX freezing does not need to consume energy, but it also needs bandwidth, refer to the case

Energy is mainly used when transferring out, and it is also the place where the cost is the largest. There is no free place for energy, it can only be obtained through pledge and burning.

According to the document , each instruction executed by the smart contract needs to consume a certain amount of system resources, and the amount of resources is measured by the value of Energy.

According to the documentation , the creation and running of smart contracts consume CPU resources. Because smart contracts take time to run in a virtual machine (VM), the time consumed in the system is calculated in microseconds, while CPU resources are consumed in the form of energy, which means 1 Energy == 1 microsecond. If the contract takes 100 microseconds to execute in the VM, it needs to consume 100 Energy, but the total amount of CPU resources provided by the TRON network in 24 hours is 50,000,000,000 Energy.


Bandwidth, English name Bandwidth Point, referred to as BP

Currently, any transaction other than queries consumes bandwidth.

Each account can get 1500 free bandwidth per day (there is still a fool’s tutorial to write 5000 and it has not changed yet)

In the IMTOKEN wallet, the bandwidth unit is KB, 1500 bandwidth -> 1.46KB, which is 1024 to 1.

Generally speaking, if the number of transactions is not very large, the bandwidth allowance is enough for your daily use.

According to the documentation , transactions are transmitted and stored in the network in the form of byte arrays. Bandwidth Points consumed by a transaction = number of transaction bytes * Bandwidth Points rate. Current Bandwidth Points rate = 1. Bandwidth Points is the total number of bytes that an account can use in 1 day. Within a certain period of time, the Bandwidth that the entire network can handle is a certain value.

Recovery and acquisition of bandwidth and energy

Staking and Natural Reply

First of all, the daily bandwidth recovery is 1500BP, and the energy cannot be used for free. To increase the “natural response amount, you need to pledge, that is, freeze TRX in exchange for more free quota.

Taking 2022-07-30 as an example, staking 1000TRX can increase the amount of prostitution: 1.03KB or 27.24ms, which is 1054BP or 27240E.

However, this ratio will be slightly different from the one displayed on the official website [the energy cost written on the official website yesterday: pledge 0.037 TRX to obtain 1 unit of energy. Bandwidth cost yesterday: Pledge 0.455 TRX to get 1 unit of bandwidth. 】

Natural recovery is calculated based on time. It will be fully recovered within 24 hours, and there will be an upper limit. The upper limit of retention is your free prostitution quota. For example, if you do not pledge TRX to exchange bandwidth, you can only recover up to 1500BP.



If there is not enough energy and bandwidth, it is not impossible to use, but you can choose to burn money, that is, burn TRX.

And this ratio is approximately equal to 1 TRX for 1000 bandwidth or 3571 energy

Bandwidth and energy consumption and pledge income reference

This is actually the focus of this article, and the focus of attention. How much money is spent and whether it is worth it is the key point. Many people have written a bunch of slapstick articles, but they still don’t say how much they will spend on a transaction. And how much energy and bandwidth a transfer takes is the core content of this section.

This paragraph presents real benefits and costs with real-world examples.

According to these cases: Case ①Case ②Case ③Case ④Case ⑤Case⑥

Obviously, the bandwidth consumption of USDT-TRC20 transfer is stable at 345BP, while the energy consumption is 14,631 or 29,631E. (However, there are also more than 23393/2w smart contract cases)

After calculating the ratio of two one, the cost of each transfer can be obtained at a level of around 4~8TRX. The amount of energy is currently related to address balance, network congestion, smart contracts, etc.

Generally speaking, when transferring from a normal wallet, if the target does not have any USDT balance, it needs 29631E, and if there is a little USDT balance, it only needs 14631E (so I don’t really understand why those exchange addresses don’t leave a little)

As for TRX transfer, it only consumes bandwidth, most of which are between 100 and 300, which are rarely used, and the amount of prostitution is sufficient.

If you make a daily transfer of 29631E, you need to pledge (freeze) about 1087~1097 TRX, which is almost 1100. For insurance, you can deposit 1150~1200 TRX, and you can transfer the guarantee every 24 hours for free. The current unit price of 1200TRX is about 0.07USD, which is 84USD. Calculated at 1USD=6.7CNY, it is about 562.8 yuan CNY.

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