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A few years ago, I wrote a tutorial on using Spicetify to modify the theme of the Spotify desktop client. After reinstalling it again, I found a lot of improvements: lyric-plus supports NetEase Cloud and MusixMatch lyrics; fullAppDisplay can also achieve elegant full-screen Play; installation simplifies a lot and the themes are richer. The current state has made me feel very good-looking and easy to use, so I will write another Spicetify tutorial.

Install the Spicetify client

Spotify uses the CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) architecture on Linux, Mac, and Windows desktops, which greatly improves the convenience and feasibility of modifying client-side modifications. Spicetify is an open source, free and powerful command-line tool that can modify the theme of the Spotify client and add plugins. The official website of Spicetify has installation tutorials, and here is the tutorial on the official website as a reference.

Mac or Linux

 curl -fsSL | sh curl -fsSL | sh

The copy command is executed in the terminal to complete the installation.


 iwr -useb | iex iwr -useb | iex

Copy the command to powershell and execute it to complete the installation.

Use the built-in Markertplace

After the new version of Spicetify is installed, it comes with the Markertplace function on the left menu: you can directly click to select themes, plugins, and scripts to modify the interface, which is very convenient to use.

1 The App has built-in plug-in store, from themes to function expansion

Add a theme

If we want to use a third-party theme, we need to add the theme file to the specified path in Spicetify. There are a lot of Spicetify themes on GitHub, as well as a library of organized Spicetify themes. We only need to download the theme and put it in the specified path to use it. It is recommended to download the official Spicetify theme library and copy the following command to complete Add themes. Note: The following commands will use git. If your Mac and Windows have not installed it, you need to download and install git first.


 git clone cd spicetify-themes cp -r * ~/.config/spicetify/Themes


 git clone cd spicetify-themes cp -r * ~/.config/spicetify/Themes


 git clone cd spicetify-themes cp * "$(spicetify -c | Split-Path)\Themes\" -Recurse

switch themes

The official repository provides BurntSienna, Default, Dreamy, Dribbblish, Flow, Glaze, Onepunch, Sleek, Turntable, Ziro these themes, we only need to execute the following command in the terminal to switch the theme.

For example switch to Ziro theme

 spicetify config current_theme Ziro spicetify apply

I have replaced different themes, you can refer to the following:

1 Ziro 1 BurntSienna 1 Default 1 Dreary 1 Dribbblish 1 Flow 1 Glaze 1 Onepunch 1 Sleek 1 Turntable

Set up plugin functionality



The official Spotify client does not have a window full-screen playback mode. I personally like this simple playback interface very much. With Spicetify, it can be achieved by enabling the fullAppDisplay plugin in the terminal.

 spicetify config extensions fullAppDisplay.js spicetify apply


After installing the plugin, click the arrow icon in the upper left corner to enable it.


In the window full-screen playback, the right button can control the display of each element, and the degree of customization is very high.



Two or three years ago, Spotify launched the function of lyrics in a few countries and regions. In addition to supporting too few countries and regions, many friends complained that Spotify supports too few lyrics and many lyrics cannot be synchronized. And Spicetify’s lyric-plus supports NetEase Cloud and MusixMatch lyrics experience will be much better, the lyric-plus function can be turned on by executing it in the terminal:

 spicetify config custom_apps lyrics-plus spicetify apply


In addition fullAppDisplay and lyric-plus can be used together, which looks very elegant.

at last

If you want to restore the default state of Spotify, execute the restore command:

 spicetify restore

A few years ago, Spicetify was still very simple, and it only made a few changes to the Spotify theme color scheme; today, Spicetify I personally think it is very practical, a plug-in that can provide a very beautiful and concise playback interface, and is far more reliable and practical than the official lyrics. The lyrics plug-in of Spotify is also much easier to install and use, making it a good choice for Spotify users.

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