Glory undergoes industrial and commercial changes, Zhao Ming steps down as general manager

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Pinwan, April 27th, according to Tech Planet, on April 26th, Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. underwent an industrial and commercial change, and Honor CEO Zhao Ming stepped down as general manager and director.

In addition, many directors and senior executives such as Zhang Jing and Peng Thun also quit the company. Currently, the company’s main personnel are only Chairman Wan Biao.

The information shows that the recent industrial and commercial change of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. has added Shenzhen Yaoxingchen No. 2 Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Shenzhen Yaoxingchen No. 3 Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership), both of which are owned by Kunpeng Capital affiliate Shenzhen Peng. Chengxin Information Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Shenzhen Smart City Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. jointly hold shares. According to the company’s information, Glory was established on April 1, 2020, with a registered capital of about 32.239 billion.

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