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In the past two years, with the development of science and technology, it has become easier to write and shoot videos on the Internet. The trendy one is Web3 writing, so that articles “never die”, and the old ones, various static blog generators, can Too lazy to only be responsible for writing and saving two things, and then a little older, there are platforms like WordPress, where you can publish a few photos and a short article with the click of a mouse. The videos are similar. The long ones include YouTube and Station B, and the short ones include Douyin, Kuaishou and Video Accounts. In this way, the road is open, it can be said that all roads lead to Rome, but few people ask, why do we go to Rome?

The world is bustling, all come for profit; the world is bustling, all for profit. In my opinion, these 16 words are enough to summarize more than 80% of people, so something interesting and inevitable happened, and similar content was published like a template. Camping is on fire, camping everywhere; coffee is on fire, hand brewing everywhere. Live broadcasts can be broadcast live, and goods can be brought with them. The slogan of the WeChat official account is not only used to describe the official account, but also the entire Internet: no matter how small an individual is, he has his own brand.

There are more brands to go, so I will follow the popular ones. The same things are likely to come from a factory, and anyone can label them, and they buy all the goods from our family. This is called digital transformation and personalized service. Even celebrity revelations have to stack up, without 1, 2, 3 reversals, and marketing is not called success. But here comes the question, with so many theaters, where will the people come to watch the theater?

A few days ago, several notices were sent from the WeChat official account, and several articles about Li Zhi written many years ago were deleted, which reminded me of a sentence, what is the real value of Web3, is to transform the world into a A huge database that cannot be easily deleted. This is how idealists see its beauty. The official account also has a database, but it can be deleted and modified at will, not only by me, but also by the staff of the official account, and even their authority is higher than that of the author. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that when the wind direction changes one day, the ship will no longer be able to dock. Take a closer look and see if it has changed. For someone like me who is a little introverted, when I see this situation, I can only run away. Listen less, watch less, talk less.

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat still talks about conscience, the dishes have been withdrawn, and the kitchen is still there. Recently, I am going to sort out the deleted articles, move positions, and put them on the blog. After all, I have to turn the spoon, the taste remains the same, and I am not afraid of a good meal. Night. The world is too lively, so don’t go to Rome to see the theater, there are too many people and it is dangerous.

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