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【Taiwan】Crime is not love

The sexual assault case of the Taichung Wolf teacher shared in the past two weeks has finally made progress . The Sex Ping Council will consider the dismissal of the teacher Huang surnamed, never hire him, and deprive him of his pension. Due to complaints from other survivors, the Ministry of Education has also requested that Teacher Huang be held in office. All the schools he has visited have launched a “joint investigation”. On the other hand, the actions of the Taichung City Government have also aroused discussion, including the failure to suspend employment of the sexual assaulter in time, and the transfer of the case for prosecution against the wishes of the survivor, all of which led to the long appeal of the survivor A woman in the past 5 months. I often feel unwell. It also reminds us to consider that in the face of such cases, in addition to “bringing the perpetrators to justice”, many details can be handled in a more detailed way, creating an environment in which survivors can speak with peace of mind.

【China】Female Drivers in Doomsday

The Chongqing mountain fire in late August prompted the people of Sichuan and Chongqing and many netizens to unite as one, and a large number of volunteers participated in the firefighting and delivery of supplies, and they were not defeated by this climate disaster. The news lab interviews rare female disaster relief volunteers to restore the front-line scene; the audio program presents the way China views climate issues. In recent years, the Chinese authorities have frequently shown the importance of warming internationally in an attempt to become a leader in climate politics. This disaster is a wake-up call, highlighting the challenges posed by climate change.

Wu Puhui, a female motorcyclist who participated in the rescue and transportation of supplies (from the text of the report)

【Hong Kong】Care for kinslayer

In the past 5 years, there have been at least 8 cases of caring for relatives killing in Hong Kong. Many people committed suicide or voluntarily surrendered after the incident. They still have to face legal sentences. Continued in a state of isolation and powerlessness. This article interviewed the state of mind and current situation of the two caregivers. Their deep motivation was not for themselves, but because they could not bear the suffering of their loved ones. After they were released from prison, they looked down on everything, and because of this, they connected with people in the same situation and found a little companionship. the power of.

(Cut from text/illustration: Rosa Lee)

【Herstory】Those who fought against the Taliban

A year ago, the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan. When everyone was in danger, a group of women took to the streets to defend their rights despite the brutality of the Taliban. They were beaten, hunted and imprisoned, and their livelihoods were denied. When the number of people in the group is getting smaller and smaller, and the hope is getting slimmer, they have not given up in the most difficult situation. This article is a story of not giving up. Despite the depression, despite the heavy burden, Afghan women have not given up, and we need to continue to listen to their voices.

[Birth of an idea] AI font maker

Because Chinese characters are too complex, there are far fewer options available than Pinyin characters. The “AI self-generated model” newly developed by Japan may solve the time-consuming trouble of font design. As long as you design a few core words, you can design a complete set! If this method can also be applied to Chinese fonts, the pain of “missing characters” may be greatly reduced.

(AIdeaLab press release)

[Hot discussion in the community] The best food in my alley

Whenever Michelin announces the Bib Gourmand list, the Internet is boiling again, and people who agree with and disagree with each other stand in line, and incidentally, a wave of debates about the food in their hometown is brought up. While sharing the Michelin list this week, I also shared a food reporter’s in-depth information on the background of the store. Bibi’s list is mainly based on snacks, which often hides a simple and moving brilliance. When you visit, you can also talk to the boss more. Let’s chat a few words and discover more interesting stories.

Tainan’s new selection for Bib Gourmand’s recommendation, clockwise is Xiaoyuan Danzi Noodles, Axing Salty Porridge, Dongxiang Taiwanese Seafood Cuisine, and Borentang’s dishes. (taken from Michelin’s official website)

【My Body, My Relationship】Erotic Massage Therapist

Today, when female eroticism is gradually recognized, erotic consumption belonging to women has already flourished, but generally speaking, it is still quite mysterious, not as common as the male-dominated sex industry. Mirror Weekly interviewed male “erotic massage therapists” about their work status, and saw the seriousness and dedication of the male teachers interviewed, and also gave a glimpse of the desires and emotions that female consumers desire.

(Katherine Hanlon @ Unsplash)

【Good Works Collection Box】

The Russian-Ukrainian war has been raging for nearly half a year, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has impressed the world with his courage and determination. But where does his charisma come from? The latest edition of Big Block Culture’s “We Believe That” includes 50 public speech collections. Zelensky showed precise and straightforward speech skills, and he knew the mentality and history of different national organizations. Affection. The most important thing is that this book is jointly planned by the Taiwanese publisher and the Ukrainian Presidential Office. It is worth reading for those who are concerned about the Russian-Ukrainian war or who like to study the language of speech 🙂

(chunk culture)

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