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Good afternoon, yesterday was the 1st day of the 7th lunar month, which is also commonly known in Taiwan as “Ghost Gate” 👻, you may hear many interesting ghost stories this month! It seems that it can bring a little coolness to the scorching heat…?

【Taiwan】Taiwan also has room N

After Room N in South Korea, almost the same crime incident broke out in Taiwan. The perpetrators deliberately tricked women into taking intimate videos, which were then sold and forwarded, along with the victim’s personal information, so that “consumers” who had seen the video could approach them, threatening the victim’s personal safety. Among them, some women are in urgent need of raising medical expenses, or they have a little popularity and cannot hide their whereabouts. There are also young girls who have just admitted to being deceived because of their sexual curiosity, but each of them has endured extraordinary fear and pain. Mirror Weekly’s in-depth follow-up for a year, coupled with the courage of many victims to reveal their real names and reveal their faces, is a must-read book despite its heavy weight, and it makes us understand the urgent need to face digital sexual violence and strengthen laws and regulations.

【China】The story of the second uncle

Recently, the Chinese Internet video “Three Days Back to the Village, Second Uncle Healed My Mental Internal Constraints” swept across major platforms. “Second Uncle” is a genius. He was disabled because of a barefoot doctor, but he resigned himself to his fate and learned many skills to become a rural villager. It has also become the latest positive energy representative touted by officials. The public account Vista looked at the world for a little analysis, why the second uncle’s film became popular at this time, and what kind of psychology did it hit the crowd. On the other hand, DT Finance has provided more thoughts on “Second Uncle Fever” from the reactions of the masses on different platforms.

【Hong Kong】Concert accident

Hong Kong Mirror Group held a concert at the Hung Hom Stadium on Thursday, but an electronic screen fell and injured a dancer. The scene was terrifying and frightened many people. Many public figures and the media showed their self-control, calling on not to post the video to avoid psychological trauma. . But behind the accident, Mirror is not only a singer, but also a rare occurrence in Hong Kong society after a few years of downturn. Reporter Zhao Yun has in-depth interviews with many fans and experts, leaving a profound story of how Mirror has become a phenomenon-level healing idol.

【Herstory】Forced sterilization survivors

In the two articles “A History of Female Birth Control” published in early July, Zuozuo introduced the “forced sterilization” policy aimed at people with disabilities and marginalized groups, which deepened racial inequality. The scary thing is that there are still as many as 31 states in the United States that allow similar laws. Today, after the abortion right was overturned, the government that claims to respect life believes that certain groups should not have children, but requires women Quasi-termination of pregnancy is particularly contradictory and ironic. This is not a historical story, just like the protagonist of this article, women who were forced to give birth or not born by the state still exist around you and me.

【Birth of an idea】It’s okay to cry!

Taking small children out is not only a test of physical strength, but if others are not tolerant of their sounds and actions, it will become a source of stress for parents. A mother in Japan resolutely opened a “cafe where it’s okay to cry” after passers-by told you not to cry, to create a space where children can cry at ease, and parents don’t have to worry about being stared at. Isn’t it very heartwarming? Such ideas can also remind us that we may be able to face children and parents with a little more patience and love😇

[Hot discussion in the community] Go to the world with the orange cat

As the saying goes, “if there is a cat, there is a like”, and the charm of the cat is also effective in the video game industry. After the French independent game “Stray” was launched on July 19, it has already squeezed into the top few best games of 2022. This adventure game allows players to turn into an orange cat to solve puzzles in the robot city. The super cute and realistic cat perspective attracts big-ticket players and non-players to keep track of the game! The street scene inspired by Kowloon City is especially interesting to Hong Kong players. Take a look at reports on how Stray captured people’s hearts and the source of inspiration for the protagonist cat.

【My body, my relationship】Second name

“Guo Rong” used to be a common male name for older Chinese, and it was even a bit popular and old-fashioned. But after Leslie Cheung’s short life, its significance to the Chinese community seems to be frozen in some kind of sad memory. This article was written by an American who was studying Chinese in Taiwan. After accidentally getting “Guo Rong” as a Chinese name, how to use the movie “Farewell My Concubine”, chat with Leslie Cheung fans all over China, and as a male Comrade’s experience, I feel the connection between Leslie Cheung and himself bit by bit. Fate made him get this name, and in the Chinese world, he did not deliberately but inevitably slowly approach and feel the legend of his brother.

Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplash

[Good Works Collection Box] The desert can’t be spoken, only lived

Remember Cai Shiren, a Taiwanese anthropologist who bravely landed in the Sahara in the #walking interview series? In less than a year, her latest book is about to be published. The protagonist is still the unique Sahara desert, but Cai Shiren, who has lived in North Africa for 10 years, once again shattered the fantasy of the literary youth about the desert, and presented this piece of heaven one by one. The land faces the real dilemma of high tourism. It is not only a rare Saharan book in the Chinese-speaking world, but also a profound analysis from the perspective of anthropology, which is also a world-class contemporary desert record.

Taken from the author’s fan page Paradise Island. Sahara. Cai Shiren

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