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10/10 is the National Day of the Republic of China. All parts of Taiwan have already started to enjoy continuous vacations. Don’t forget to prevent epidemics on the way back to your hometown, and accompany your relatives and friends to spend a safe vacation.

【Taiwan】The distance between dementia and us

The number of people with dementia in Taiwan has reached 300,000. It is also a group of people in an aging society that we need to learn to understand, get along with, and take care of. The government has continued to spread various resources in recent years, trying to find a sustainable solution to dementia , but everything is not easy, often need to face strong pressure. For example, following the example of Japan, a Rizhao center was set up in a primary school where the school buildings were idle due to the declining birthrate, but parents were reluctant to support it; and the establishment of a base in a remote township also encountered a conflict with the aboriginal cultural concept of caring for the elderly.

[China] Ten years of change

Ten years ago, as China’s new leader came to power, countries around the world were looking forward to change and reform. News media workers are especially excited. In the early 2000s, many “market-oriented media” emerged in China that were forced to transform from party media. Fierce competition and self-operated space contributed to the prosperity of all kinds of reports. Journalists were eager to break the rules or at least break them individually. , presenting the issues that the public really cares about… From 2012 to 2022, what has China experienced in the past ten years? As a newsman on the front line of state control, what is the memory of the “somatosensory” of changes?

【Hong Kong】Li Yi passed away

Hong Kong writer Li Yi died in Taiwan on the 5th at the age of 87. He immigrated to Hong Kong from Guangzhou in his early years. He devoted his life to social movements and writing, and participated in the dissemination of numerous magazines, publications, and radio media. He also shared his views on reading in particular. But what Li Yi admires most is his concern for Hong Kong society, which also extends to young Hong Kong people who are scattered. In recent years, even though Li Yi moved to Taiwan, she has been writing and writing continuously. She has serialized “Memoirs of a Loser” on the Internet for a long time, which is also recommended for reference.

【Herstory】Separation of flesh and bones

In the history of oppression and resistance, heavy encounters are usually the focus of attention, and various reports of refugees caused by politics, economy or war often focus on human life, and it is difficult to notice the animal companions who have given people the most abundant love. , do they have a way to travel with their families to different places? How will those who are left face their new lives? “Crooked Brain”, a collection of stories about pets in troubled times, is also a unique herstory in Hong Kong.

[My body, my relationship] Open the ID card

Open a Taiwanese’s ID card, in theory, you can immediately know his parents, where he lives, and whether he has been in the army or married. This is actually quite incredible in the eyes of people from other countries. When you need to take out your ID card in life, whether it is picking up a package, looking for a job, or being checked by the police, you will face the risk of “privacy exposure” in an instant. If you were given a choice, what information would you want to put on your ID card?

Taiwan ID card template (walk around the world / post-production by Li Chengyou)

【Birth of an idea】Cassel edge stone

Have you ever encountered a wheelchair user taking a bus? Some buses in Taipei are equipped with removable ramps for wheelchairs, but the driver needs to get off the bus to install them. During peak hours, it is easy to be blamed for being time-consuming. In recent years, Taipei has also launched a “low-riding bus”, but if this bus is equipped with a “Cassel edge stone” with an upper curved design, it can allow wheelchair users to slide into the carriage smoothly, and a small design can greatly increase the convenience of everyone. It would be great if it could be popularized, right?

Provides a curb design that fits into a low-riding bus and allows wheelchairs to get on and off freely. (Taiwan Traffic Safety Association)

【Community Discussion】Snowflake Dress

When I saw supermodel Bella Hadid gradually “putting on” a white dress, the first picture that came to my mind was the magic of Princess Elsa in “Frozen”. This fantasy experiment show of sprayed fibers recently passed through 10 minutes. The picture spread all over the world. If you find it interesting, read how the model feels about it and how the designer explains the reason for the idea!


A post shared by Bella ? ( @bellahadid )

【Good Works Collection Box】

  • Liumagou No. 15 (Taiwan movie thuànnTaiwan)

Three women of different ages and identities were sent to the Green Island Prison in the era of white terror. They only had a serial number and left their traces of survival… Taiwan’s upcoming movie “Liu Ma Gou Fifteen” on October 28 No.”, is the first film to feature a female political prisoner as the protagonist. The recent screening has received a flood of positive reviews. It has both commercial standards and empathy for storytelling, which is quite exciting. Those who are interested can also enjoy it together with the original movie books , as well as the derived comics , exhibitions and photography exhibitions . Don’t miss this rare opportunity.

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