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  • Michelle Ice City is about to go on the market, make happy water on the spot
  • I haven’t had Gu Ming, 6600+ stores, I haven’t seen Sweet Lala 3900+, I haven’t seen Yihetang 4600+,
  • “Actually, Calvin was playing alone most of the time. This six-year-old boy was full of loneliness. He was so tired of getting up, eating, bathing, and going to school every day. They became elated, so Calvin and Hobbes immersed themselves in their own paradise with relish… The author once said that everyone has a bad boy in his heart who wants everything to be as he wants, and he is through Calvin. Wen Lai vented his immaturity and maintained his curiosity about nature, science, history, etc.”


  • Normal people can only communicate offline
  • Invisible places, unfilled gaps
  • All Enrons must be preceded by “seems”
  • “Finally speaking, I return to my hobbies, but I would like to quote Lu Xun’s previous statement: “To be devoted to one’s bias is to say that it is insufficient. “This is a bit scratching your head, because if you are not biased, there will be no story to tell. Most people will not let their Xiaoya be involved in a personal career that keeps pace with the times. Fortunately, a small number of people indulge too deeply, they are not enough and become The weird people in our minds, the verbal entertainment. Here we have to make a distinction for hobbies: it is often not that hobbies make people more and more isolated from the outside world, but that some people are not naturally “adequate”, and they are familiar with me and others that are used to it. Things don’t fit well, and at this time, hobbies are not his immersion tools, but the time to spend money. Because in our eyes, the world of flowers and wild flowers may be full of thorns and hazelnuts in front of his feet, so he wants his own garden, his own big cloth bag, own hoe and scissors.”
  • (Tencent Domain Name Mailbox) “The capacity of your corporate mailbox has been downgraded to the standard capacity of an ordinary account (2G). Since your mailbox usage has exceeded the capacity, it is currently impossible to receive new emails.”
  • To rebuild, to bravely lay all new paths


  • Deleted a lot of emails and found a lot of emails at the same time
  • Always saying things that others don’t understand
  • I need the possibility to act immediately when I feel the need to stop everything to touch something
  • A set of four hundred books, marked three copies, but accidentally bought the unmarked one
  • Sebald, take the pit of John Berger
  • “I have seen boatmen running the waterway in the Chuanjiang River Basin. Before leaving the boat, they tied a red satin beside the Zhang Fei Temple, and prayed to King Zhang Bodhisattva to bless the boat and sail along the water smoothly. According to the author’s postscript, after the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Taiwan Island The “worship of the third prince of Nezha” has gradually prospered, and I am afraid it is also because of the “abandoned child plot” that has begun to flourish among the people here. Immigrants who arrived in Taiwan at different times have different current events, and they feel emotional about their own destiny. Emotions must be in common. This fate and destiny are like the ancestors from a long time ago, those “scorpion people” who hardly went ashore and wandered all their lives to seek the sea. Worshiping and praying to the third prince of Nezha is a bit like this ethnic group has been around for a long time. Yes, a private conversation between individuals and gods that lasted for thousands of years.”
  • TAIWAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE – Source Magazine (Published by Taiwan Power Company, Edited by Taiwan Comprehensive Research Institute)
  • “In response to issues such as “capital operation” and “building a shell to get rich” that may be caused by spin-off (A-to-A), targeted arrangements have been made in the “Several Provisions on the Pilot Program for the Spin-off of Subsidiary Subsidiaries of Listed Companies” that came into effect at the end of 2019. The meeting made it clear that it will step up efforts to crack down on false information disclosure, insider trading, and market manipulation found in the spin-off and listing pilot, especially the use of spin-off and listing for conceptual speculation and “flicker-style” spin-offs.”
  • Lion Art Network
  • There are also generations within the company
  • You have to be restrained!


  • fat home
  • Craftsmanship comes for purpose
  • “You may belong to Hufflepuff. The people there are honest and loyal, Hufflepuff students are tough and sincere, not afraid of hard work; Hufflepuff feels that the most diligent people are the most qualified to enter the Academy. “
  • “Intel has a bold plan to deliver 5 nodes in 4 years” (mature companies, always see strategic nodes identified)
  • “Intel and Intel Foundry Services will usher in the era of system-level foundry, a model consisting of four main components: wafer fabrication, packaging, software and an open die ecosystem. Innovations once thought impossible have been Bringing new possibilities to chip manufacturing”
  • “Funds that completed fundraising around 2015 have collectively expired in the past two or three years. Many LPs have found that the IRR (internal rate of return) written on the book has not finally been realized as actual income.”
  • “According to the statistics of 2019, there are more than 160 database manufacturers in China, and there may be more than 200 database products, of which distributed products account for about 40%, which are in the stage of savage growth. The proportion of distributed databases deployed in the core system is not too high.”
  • “In the 19th century, the consequences of separation were considered by many to be ‘life death’, because while the law allowed married couples to separate, it never allowed them to move forward after separation, and any development that occurred after separation Relationships are considered adultery, and children born of adultery are considered illegitimate children.”
  • “Social commentators marveled that charity ‘often came from the lowest strata’, that the most lethargic female homeless would be looked after by ‘exuberant and well-off beggars’ who would be “requested by these beggars to assist those People who are inferior to him in the professional field”. Sims recounts: “The frequency of friendly guidance, goodwill donations and charitable activities of the working class with precarious income is more frequent than anywhere.  …Street vendors or dockworkers will Without thinking, he threw sixpence into a hat held out by a poor man he had never known before. “Among the homeless who often live in boarding houses, this charitable act is a way of life.”


  • First the body observes and examines changes in the body, then the brain, and then cognition
  • It’s so fun to talk to people in the dream, or I should say, I miss it too much
  • Close your eyes and always see a ray of light
  • tide of change
  • The fourth edition of Technological Slavery 2022…
  • Technological Slavery: Enhanced Edition (1): 9781944228033: Kaczynski PhD, Theodore John: Books
  • Only the paper version… How can Meiya buy it now…
  • “Jump out of the original system through self-pointing”
  • “There are usually four divisions of labor within the FICC business unit: Sales, Trading, Structuring and Strategy. Some people think that Sales & Trading is a transaction, but it is not. There is still a big difference between sales and trading. The function of sales is to develop customer relationships, convey customers’ ideas, and represent the company in major business events; while trading is more about the execution of orders and market making. Therefore, salespeople have a better understanding of Financial markets are people who are outgoing and have strong social skills. Traders are more sensitive to numbers, have careful decision-making thinking, and can quickly make decisions in a volatile market. Many investment banks FICC have two teams in the sales department, One is for institutional investors such as hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, etc., and the other is for non-financial companies that need to offset risks. The structured team is independent of the above two. Given the complexity of structured products, the design of such products is difficult. People have higher requirements than traders in mathematics, and they can construct customized products according to the specific needs of customers, which is a long-term project. In addition, some investment banks will set up a strategy team, who will analyze the fundamentals of the market and Conduct technical research and formulate investment strategic plans for FICC business units.”
  • Too many choices to be overwhelmed, or too few choices to be controlled
  • Collaboration should be free
  • The pedestrian’s mobile phone, the takeaway brother’s mobile phone, and the express driver’s mobile phone, all report the name of the intersection.
  • “Rheum nobile seed plant, Rothaceae. It grows on alpine rocky beaches and wet grasslands at an altitude of 4000-4800 meters, and is resistant to barren and severe cold. Every early summer, when the alpine snow melts, it recovers quickly, using the short summer to bloom and bear fruit. In autumn, it was buried by heavy snow. It is distributed in the foothills of the Himalayas in Tibet and in the northwest of Yunnan. The root system of Tahuang is developed, and the longest can reach two meters. Due to the particularity of the growth environment, Tahuang grows very slowly. It stores nutrients in the roots. On average, it takes 33 years of nutrient accumulation for each Tawang to bloom. It only blooms once in a lifetime, and each time it blooms, it will produce tens of thousands of flowers. Small flowers produce tens of thousands of seeds, and when the seeds mature, the plant will die.”


  • Hybrid and self-referential innovation, breaking through the barriers of the whole
  • Self-expression and self-growth
  • It’s time to steal
  • “The Musical Process”


  • Impossible to express fully the first time
  • The pork ribs in the vegetable market are so fresh!
  • How many animated short films did I watch in 2008… I really want to review those that got five stars…

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