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Are you spending Father’s Day with your family this weekend too? Contemporary fathers gradually regard parenting and housework as their own responsibilities, and the changing role of “father” also symbolizes changes in partnership, the division of housework, and the overall image of men. Have you also wondered what it means to be a husband/dad in this day and age? Let’s go to invite Kang Tingyu , associate professor of the Department of Journalism of National Chengchi University, and Huang Zhebin , a journalist of “atypical father”, to talk about the voice of modern fathers!

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[Kang Tingyu x Huang Zhebin|Confessions of an atypical man: I evolved into an ordinary father like this]
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【Taiwan】Cambodia scam

In the past two years, many Taiwanese youths have been deceived into Cambodia and forced to engage in fraudulent activities. They have been subjected to severe violence and abuse in the process. Due to the huge power of criminal groups, unofficial forces are often used to rescue victims. There is even a case of Taiwan Youtuber cooperating with international NGOs to save people. The government is trying to prevent more people from falling into the trap . The key review website pointed out that the targets of such deception are all Chinese, Taiwanese and Southeast Asian Chinese, and it is not just a single country who is victimized. However, Taiwanese public opinion is also full of voices labelling and accusing the victims of ignorance. The exclusive commentary article intimately reminds that survivors urgently need to rebuild their trust in people. Even if they interact with them with good intentions, they should uphold the utmost respect and patience.

The picture shows the signature Malaysian victim rescued in Cambodia. (taken from GASO Global Anti-Fraud Organization )

【China】2022 Taiwan Strait Crisis

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan sparked anger from the Chinese government and countered with live-fire military exercises. At least 11 missiles were used to declare their determination to take control of Taiwan’s sovereignty. Many missiles also flew over Taiwan and fell near Japan’s exclusive economic zone, triggering protests in Japan. . Every step of such a huge military operation has its meaning. The New York Times briefly analyzes the strategic significance of China’s military exercise, as well as the message it wants to convey to Taiwan, the United States, Japan and other countries, and provides all people concerned about the situation in China and the Taiwan Strait. Reader reference.

【Hong Kong】Dream on the stage

On July 28, there was an accident in the MIRROR concert of the Hong Kong idol group. The electronic screen fell during the performance and injured the dancers, causing all the audience to have nightmares. After the panic, the accident also rarely showed the hard work of Hong Kong’s dance performance industry, lack of contract awareness, safety regulations and medical protection, and the bright lights on the stage concealed the dangerous and harsh environment. This article is an in-depth interview with dancers and related professionals, hoping to really promote improvement in the sound of prayer.

The MIRROR concert accident highlights the professional danger and lack of security for dancers. (AP)

【Herstory】The Covered Tradition

Islam, like many ancient cultures, is seen as a religion that essentially seeks to oppress women’s space, but scholar Mohammad Akram Nadwi has surprisingly discovered that “thousands” of women have contributed so much to Islamic theology, who are only constrained by The idea of ​​men being superior to women has been buried in the annals of history. This story highlights that the influence of the patriarchal system may be greater than that of Islam’s oppression of women, and its biased appearance has evolved through millennia of deliberate interpretation by men in power.

The latest biographical study of Islamic women hadith scholars, up to 40 volumes. (taken from the text)

[Birth of an idea] quack~

Through the spontaneous sharing of the masses, not only can we build interesting social networking sites, but also promote scientific development! The Taiwanese team launched the first “frog sound recognition software” in China, which can recognize which kind of frog it encounters by 30 seconds to the frog’s sound. Most importantly, the use of APP identification is also equivalent to recording the range and frequency of different frog species. This concept can also be applied to species such as birds and sea turtles . Be a citizen scientist while you’re outdoors and meet these lovely neighbors!

[Community discussion] Pelosi’s suit

When Pelosi visited Taiwan, the pink suit he wore when he got off the plane and the white and blue dress for receiving the medal were heatedly discussed, but some people thought it was discriminatory and unfair to discuss the dress of female politicians. I would like to share this NYT article with you. The author pointed out that ignoring the dressing strategy of public figures is actually ignoring how people perceive how they are affected by external images. So not only should we discuss what women like Pelosi wear, but also male/other gender public figures. However, it is still necessary to avoid sexualization and materialization, and to face the power of clothing from a healthy perspective of image politics.

Pelosi’s outfit sparked a discussion. (AP)

[My body, my relationship] The pleasure of being humiliated?

Watching a partner enjoy sexual contact (NTR) with others is unimaginable in mainstream monogamous cultures, and not necessarily acceptable even for those in open relationships. However, there is a group of people in the world who will be provoked by this. The psychology popularization page Nori Bear shared this “sexuality”. However, netizens’ discussions also clearly pointed out that the current NTR in erotic works is almost entirely based on the male perspective of patriarchy, including the premise that women can use sexual conquest, spouse infidelity to attack male dignity, etc. Therefore, NTR from a female perspective rarely appears. Do you have more ideas? Welcome to leave a message, private message or letter and share!

【Good Works Collection Box】

​In mid-August last year, the Taliban officially seized the Afghan regime, and women’s public living space disappeared overnight. At that time, the female director Sahraa Karimi’s distress letter was translated by Go Go, which caused a lot of echoes. A year later, Sahraa Karimi’s latest film “The Swallows of Kabul” is adapted from the novel of the same name. It tells about the situation of women in Kabul in 1998. Today, more than 20 years later, the situation is even worse. Readers interested in women’s rights in Afghanistan should not miss it.

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