Goodbye, kindle in mainland China

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What are you talking about? A while ago, I said that I should read the books on the kindle APP before going to bed. The recent news said that Amazon will withdraw from the e-book business in China. Before that, it had long stopped selling Kindle readers in mainland China. Now, it has completely left the Chinese market.

I am a very early batch of kindle users, from the early third-generation 3G keyboard version to the later touch screen version, I have used three devices in total. At that time, I also helped my friend how to buy kindle from abroad and bring it to China. Later, the Chinese market launched kindle equipment and a large number of genuine kindle e-books.

This process of coming and going has actually returned to the original point in ten years, as if it has never been to this land. Gently, it went away without a cloud. It just left a piece of regret in my heart, and the reason behind it, I have no way of speaking.

For a person who loves to read and love electronics, kindle brings me only happiness. It digitizes books and presents a reading effect similar to that of paper, the synchronous reading function of all platform devices, and the search query function, which are not available in traditional printed books.

For me, who was abroad at the time, I could buy books published in China at any time with my kindle, and I didn’t take up as much space as physical paper books when I bought them back. This also solved a big problem for me when I moved at any time.

Now that the body is in China, it is convenient to buy domestic paper books, there are more things to read, and the problem of paper books occupying space is not serious, but when kindle is withdrawn from China from equipment to books, I still Very reluctant.

Fortunately, it has only withdrawn from the Chinese market, I will still use kindle, because it can still be used in the European and American markets, which is just convenient for me to buy English books in Europe and America, and with a flick of a finger on amazon, I can instantly read the civilization and culture that is synchronized with the world. .

Nine times out of ten things in life are unsatisfactory, so I often think about one or two. Just to commemorate Kindle’s complete withdrawal from the Chinese mainland market, say goodbye, can we really meet again?

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