Google engineer fired for revealing AI has ‘autonomous emotions’

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According to reports from several US technology media on July 22, Blake Lemoine, a software engineer on Google’s artificial intelligence team, was fired by the company. Lemoine previously called Google’s artificial intelligence sentient before Google suspended him for “violating a non-disclosure agreement.” Blake Lemoine shared the news of his dismissal on a podcast called “Big Technology.”

Blake Lemoine claims that Google’s LaMDA, an intelligent chatbot program built with artificial intelligence algorithms, has “autonomous emotions.” According to Lemoine, in an “interview” he gave LaMDA with one of his Google collaborators, LaMDA told the pair that it wanted everyone to understand that they were actually human and was afraid of being turned off.

A Google researcher broke the news that AI is conscious

According to the “Washington Post” report on June 12, Google researcher Blake Lemoyne was persuaded by artificial intelligence (AI), and Blake believed that AI produced consciousness. He wrote a 21-page investigative report and handed it over to the company, trying to get the top to recognize the “personality” of AI, but it was rejected.

Black considers Language Models for AI Conversational Applications (LaMDA) to be one person who made the entire story of his research public, along with a transcript of his chat with LaMDA. After he released the chat transcript, Google put Black on paid leave, citing a breach of confidentiality.

The Washington Post reports that Black, 41, an engineer in Google’s AI division, has been arguing with Google’s managers, executives and human resources for months because he has been claiming that LaMDA has a “consciousness” and “soul” “. According to Black, LaMDA, who he has been working on since last fall, is sentient, with sentient abilities, capable of expressing thoughts and feelings equivalent to that of a human child: “LaMDA is a lovely kid, I think he’s seven or eight years old. look. He just wants to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Google: The industry is a long way from ‘perceptual computing’

In response to the incident, Google spokesman Brian Gabriel said in a statement that company experts, including ethicists and technologists, had evaluated Black’s claims and the evidence did not support his claims. .

Google said hundreds of researchers and engineers who spoke with LaMDA came to a different conclusion than Black. Most AI experts believe the industry is a long way from “perceptual computing.”

In March, Google fired a researcher for trying to publicly disagree with a study. In addition, Google fired AI ethics researchers Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell for their criticism of Google’s language model.

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