Google Play Land Area Getting Started Guide (including payment, currency, switching payment accounts, etc.)

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Google Play 土区 入门使用指南(含付款、币种、切换付款账号等问题)


In some cases, Google and Apple stores can achieve low-cost shopping and subscription effects by changing areas. This time, taking advantage of the fracture of the TG soil area, I will learn how to start from 0 to the Google soil area.

The soil area in this tutorial refers to the TR Turkey area. You may need to prepare a V/M/A card for payment (mainland cards are supported, US cards are also supported, and the billing address is optional), and international IP/ Turkish local IP may be required for access.

Google Store vs Apple Store

Since the Apple Store has a special version for mainland China, there are many apps that can be purchased across the region, but Apple is locked in the card-issuing location and needs to be downloaded in the old region before it can be purchased in the region. And Google needs a small size (large size is not recommended, to avoid being locked), create a new payment profile, and then make purchases.

When using Google Store, pay attention to the risk control of credit cards may be high. If you are rejected, you can consider trying prepaid cards and debit cards. If you have AVS in the United Kingdom and the United States, you can consider changing cards in other regions. At the same time, don’t buy gift cards from Google. Now the Google store uses gift cards to give away people, and often can’t pay them (Apple is the opposite, cards are difficult, lock the card, and the gift card takes off)

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getting Started

First of all, it is best to prepare a Google account that has not downloaded the app (no payment information) and has registered for a certain period of time.

If there is no payment information, open and it will be as shown in the figure


You need to add a card to create a payment profile. You cannot select the zone before adding the card. If you want to pay directly to the local area, you must fill in the Turkish address for the billing address.

If it is an old number, it will be as shown in the figure, directly select the area and then operate


Payment Methods and Taxes

Turkey is similar to the United States. Some areas are exempt from tax, and some areas are taxed. It is recommended to search for which areas are exempt.

The payment method here can only be card, not pp or anything, and don’t use the balance to consume

Turkish address ==> expand/collapse


Mainland China address ==> Expand/collapse


US addresses ==> expand/collapse


Hong Kong address ==> expand/collapse


The address here refers to the card billing address, which can be different from the land area or the same. If it is a local or Hong Kong address, you can only use a VMA card. If it is a Sino-US address, it also supports DJ card organization. (There is a possibility that 62 UnionPay credit cards in mainland China will be identified as Discover credit cards, this is not certain, you can try)

After binding the card, it will verify the deduction of no more than 2USD, and the local address is 2TRY, which is about 0.12USD. [This kind of merchant may not support one-time virtual cards and single-merchant virtual cards, such as Revolut and CapitalOne]

Then you can check the status of the addition in the payment methods of your Android device.


Since the following problems will be encountered when using old equipment, they will be explained in subsections.

  1. Payment button shows Loading
  2. Google Play shows up-to-date but not up-to-date
  3. The pop-up account that pops up during payment is not the account you want to use

Payment button shows Loading

The problem is generally that your google store is not updated, you need to update the play store

Google Play shows up-to-date but not up-to-date


For example, as shown in the figure, the displayed version is version 21, and the result tells me that it is the latest version, so I can go to a third-party source to download and cover it. For example, go to Apkpure to download .

The latest version should be version 31. Once updated, the data for the payment button will be displayed.

The pop-up account that pops up during payment is not the account you want to use

The root cause of this problem is that the account used to download the app is another account instead of your new account. You can refer to the solution in the next section.

The solution for modifying the Google store to pay for the local account

The shortcomings of Google Play Stroe are still there. The registered account for downloading the app is not very controllable. In essence, this step is to download the App with the local account.

Switch master account method

Try to prepend the local account in Chrome/Gmail/Google Play.

My test is that Google play has no effect, Chrome has not tried it, Gmail should have no effect. Then I looked at the system and it wasn’t very well adjusted.

You can also consider cleaning the cache and data of the play store in the mobile phone after switching the main account (delete one step and test it back to avoid the trouble of backfilling the data) or the cache and data of other Google services.

Under normal circumstances, the paid app on the home page of the Play Store should be in TRY currency after logging in to the local account.

Replacement Equipment Act

You can create a new Android environment by means of emulator, VMOS, Google space, etc. to realize purchase in a single account environment.

delete account method

Log out all the accounts you don’t want to use one by one, download them again, and then log back in after finishing. This method is too troublesome for experienced users.

Remote download method

I solved it this way. Web version login

Search for the app you want and download it to your device remotely



If there is no response, please consider clearing the cache and data of the play store in the phone (delete one step and test it back to avoid the trouble of backfilling the data) or the cache and data of other Google services. I cleaned the play store cache and it was fine.

Shopping actual combat effect


At present, the product stock is discounted, and you can also preview the price and select the card when paying. Note that you must remember to cancel the subscription in advance. At the same time, you can also set up two payment methods for the main and backup.



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