GP Calendar – Displays the F1 World Championship schedule calendar in the Mac menu bar

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GP Calendar is a macOS gadget with only one function that displays the F1 World Formula One Championship schedule and specific time in the Mac menu bar. @Appinn

GP Calendar - 在 Mac 菜单栏显示 F1 世界一级方程式锦标赛赛程日历

From the Discovery Channel , DecoHack #023, Indie Product Inspiration Weekly :

GP Calendar

GP Calendar is very simple, you can see the specific F1 schedule in the menu bar after running. That’s all for now.

But it took a cake, and future features include:

  • 🔔 Comrade Mac
  • 🥇 Results and ranking
  • 🇺🇸 NASCAR Calendar
  • 🏍 MOTO GP Calendar
  • 🙈 Hide past matches

It is sold at self-pricing and can be obtained for free on the official website.



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