Guilin Weekend Travel Guide

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For migrant workers in Shenzhen, it takes more than 3 hours to travel from Shenzhen to Guilin by high-speed rail, which is suitable for departure on Friday and sightseeing on weekends. IMG_2774

Guilin is very suitable for taking pictures, it is recommended to bring a camera! Guilin has much more big trees than Shenzhen


Guilin “Jiangnan Lane Pedestrian Street”

There are many photography stores in the pedestrian street, which serve tourists for travel photography. Tourists can wear the clothes provided in the store. The photographer will lead tourists to a suitable location to take pictures as souvenirs. A set of photos is about 300 yuan


The architectural style of the pedestrian street is also relatively uniform. If you deliberately lower the exposure, it is easy to take pictures of the feeling of an ancient alley, and the normal exposure photos will also be very comfortable.




You can also see some special foods in the pedestrian street, such as sweet-scented osmanthus cake, chopped pepper, rice noodles…




There are many symmetrical architectural structures in and around the pedestrian street, which are very suitable for punching in



In summer evenings, when the temperature drops and the evening wind blows, walking on the trail covered by old trees can make migrant workers temporarily forget the fatigue of working


If there is a moon in the sky, the luminous building and the moon can create a harmonious composition


Guilin “Two Rivers and Four Lakes”

Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world. After arriving in Guilin on Friday night, you can buy a boat ticket to watch the night view of the two rivers and four lakes. The single ticket price is about 200 yuan, and the boat ride takes about 90 minutes. It is worth complaining that the so-called luxury boat is not luxurious. Only the stern of the boat is suitable for taking pictures, and 10 or so people can stand at the stern. If you are willing to spend money, there are special photographers who can help you take pictures as souvenirs, and the sheet is 30 yuan.


The Sun and Moon Twin Towers are very beautiful at night, and it is easier to take pictures of the complete tower combination on the boat


If you shoot on the shore, you can basically only shoot a single tower, and there will be occlusion


If there happens to be a moon treatment, you can take a good picture, but it will often be accompanied by a certain amount of lens distortion. The moon is there, but the tower is tilted.


There will be performances on the path passed by the cruise ship, and the performance of osprey fishing, but basically pass by,


The cruise ship will pass some glittering bridges, and the cruise ship will pass under the bridge, and some subtle graphics can be seen



Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo’s landscape is the best in Guilin

Yangshuo County belongs to Guilin City. According to Yangshuo people, Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo’s landscape is the best in Guilin , and Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world.

Taking a taxi from Guilin to Yangshuo is about 240 yuan, and the bus ticket is about 50 yuan. If there are many people traveling together and want to save time and cost (weekend trips), taxis are a worry-free and labor-saving choice.

Yangshuo “Rafting on the Yulong River”

The classic project in Yangshuo is rafting on the Yulong River . One bamboo raft can carry two tourists. The tourists wear life jackets and sit on two small bamboo chairs. The combined weight of the two tourists should not exceed 240 kg. For adult males, it will be very difficult to float the bamboo raft (although it can also float, but when the bamboo raft falls, it is easy to splash more water)


Seeing the scenery of Yangshuo, I understand that the tourist city is actually God’s feast, and the natural landscape of Guilin is not at the same level as the artificial scenery created by the tourist city .


The path of bamboo rafting will have some falling layers. Although the falling is very shallow, it will still soak the shoes of tourists sitting on bamboo chairs (slippers are recommended), and the clothes will get wet. If you give some tips to the rowing master, the rowing master will I am willing to chat with you for a while, and stop the bamboo raft to give tourists some time to take pictures



According to the rowing master, the master can only get 25% of the share of a ticket, that is, the hardest manual rower can only get less than 30% of the income (“70% belongs to others” is still conservative)



There will be many small hotels on both sides of the strait, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with excellent scenery and abundant aura, suitable for cultivating immortals and supporting the elderly




There are also many residential houses on both sides of the strait, but the government does not allow transactions. If you want to live in this kind of place, the best way is long-term rental



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