Pros and Cons of Influence – #36

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At first I wanted to write the title as “The Pros and Cons of Being Famous”, but after thinking about it carefully, I felt that the term “influence” had a wider scope. Celebrities, stars, Internet celebrities, and KOLs are all subsets of influential people. And I think the word “influence” is more neutral, which is convenient for my discussion in this article.


On Friday I opened up David Perell ‘s Friday Finds as usual, and the last segment , The Hidden Costs of Fame, caught my attention. He believes that there are two types of fame: celebrity fame and niche fame. The former is similar to a star, and you can be recognized directly when you walk on the street, while the latter is a celebrity in a specific field, and you may be ordinary when you walk on the street. , but is very well known in a particular group. He also referred to two articles, namely

After reading it, it triggered some thoughts in me, and combined with some “deaths caused by Internet violence” incidents that occurred in the past one or two years, I suddenly wanted to write something.

I am not a celebrity or a big V myself, I just have some friends on a specific platform (for example, you who are reading this article are one of the 3000+ friends). I used to be an official account with 100,000+ fans, and I also felt a little bit of “traffic”, so although I haven’t experienced the feeling of those real celebrities, at least I can see it from some real experiences. big.

Influence and traffic, KOL and internet celebrity

In fact, I have thought about this question a long time ago. Even when writing this newsletter, I often think about positioning. Do I want traffic or influence? I vaguely feel that there is a difference between influence and traffic, but they are both only…

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