Guiyang’s new housing provident fund policy is introduced: support “raise and loan again”


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 Titanium Media App reported on August 30 that on August 29, Guiyang Housing Provident Fund Management Committee issued the "Notice of Guiyang Housing Provident Fund Management Committee on Printing and Distributing Several Measures for Guiyang Gui'an Housing Provident Fund to Promote the Virtuous Cycle and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Industry". The "Notice" proposes to adjust the criteria for identifying the first home of housing provident fund personal housing loans. If the employee's family (both himself and his spouse) has settled all personal housing loans or has only one unsettled commercial personal housing loan, the down payment ratio shall be determined according to the first housing loan to apply for a housing provident fund personal housing loan for repurchasing a house. below 20%. At the same time, the “relevant and loan” of provident fund was launched to support the employees who paid to make full use of the provident fund to buy a house. For the same house, employees can apply for a personal housing loan from the housing provident fund after drawing an additional down payment from the housing provident fund. (Source: Released by Guizhou)

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