Gymboree Chongqing Center declares bankruptcy and liquidation, 7 campuses will suspend operations


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 Titan Media App reported on August 14 that seven stores were suddenly suspended overnight. Another well-known early education institution declared bankruptcy and liquidation.    Recently, Gymboree Chongqing Center issued a document late at night saying that from August 12, 2022, the seven campuses of Gymbabwe in Chongqing will suspend operations. The reason is that under the influence of the deteriorating external environment, new investors lost confidence in future operations, which led to the failure of attracting investment.    Gymboree Chongqing Center said that it will actively communicate with relevant departments and contact excellent training institutions to provide class transfer services to minimize the loss of parents. Colleagues also announced the customer service phone number of Gymboree China headquarters and the WeChat group of Chongqing campus.

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