Hainan: By 2030, the whole island will completely ban the sale of fuel vehicles


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Pinwan, August 22 , today, the Hainan Provincial People’s Government website announced the ” Hainan Province Carbon Peak Implementation Plan “.

The plan is clear and vigorously promotes the application of new energy vehicles and ships. Implement the preferential policies and related support policies for the purchase tax of new energy vehicles, gradually promote the clean energy of various types of vehicles in the province in stages and fields, and build a world new energy vehicle experience center.

Accelerate the promotion of clean energy in the field of social operation and transportation, focusing on the fields of light logistics and distribution, urban sanitation, rental cars, and online car-hailing, promote the replacement of new energy vehicles, and encourage the use of new energy vehicles for private use. Accelerate the elimination of old ships with high energy consumption, high emission and low efficiency, accelerate the application of new energy sources such as electricity and hydrogen in the field of ships, and promote the work of “replacing oil to gas” for ships, focusing on Haikou, Qionghai, Sanya, Sansha and Yangzhou. Pudong Economic Development Zone and other places to build marine liquefied natural gas filling stations and develop natural gas vehicles and ships.

By 2025, the proportion of new and replaced vehicles in public services and social operations using clean energy will reach 100% . By 2030, there will be a complete ban on the sale of petrol vehicles across the island . Except for special purposes, vehicles in the province’s public service and social operation areas have fully realized clean energy, and the proportion of new and replaced new energy vehicles in the private vehicle sector has reached 100%.

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