Handwriting Simulation – Simulate handwriting with stationery and handwriting fonts [Windows]

Handwriting simulation is an interesting software. The developer is the UP master of station B. In order to complete the handwriting assignment assigned by the teacher, this software that combines letter paper and handwritten fonts has been developed. It is easy to use with font offset and rotation. , Strong adaptation, easy to simulate handwriting. @Appinn

手写模拟 - 配合信纸与手写字体,实现模拟手写笔迹[Windows]

Thanks to @ShareLife classmates in the group for the recommendation.

Handwriting Simulation 3.0

This simple and rude software developer called Handwriting Simulation 3.0 is very interesting. He said that the teacher always assigns some handwritten homework, what form and policy are 1500 words, so he developed such a software. Laziness is the first productive force.

The interface is as follows:

手写模拟 - 配合信纸与手写字体,实现模拟手写笔迹[Windows] 1

It is also very simple to use. The left side is the preview, the upper right part is to enter the text content, and the following can be set:

  • font color
  • Fonts (built-in Huayang script, Li Guofu script, Qingye script, Yunyan script several .ttf font files)
  • Background (built-in white paper, notebook, kraft paper, Xi’an Jiaotong University letter paper, Gui Telecom paper, etc. jpg pictures)
  • word spacing, margins
  • Horizontal and vertical stroke displacement
  • Stroke rotation

Because the stroke displacement and rotation can be adjusted, you can get a unique handwriting font, remember to change it when sharing with your classmates😂

But it may also be seen because the writing is too beautiful…

Watch the video:

If you want to customize the font and background, you only need to choose your own font file and background image, which is very easy to use. However, it may get stuck when previewing.


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