Happiness doesn’t need drama

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Some goodbyes you may know are the last time we meet.

But some don’t. There are friends who have been in contact all the time, but I don’t know when they have not been in contact.

Maybe after an ordinary supper dinner party, I said a dull next time, but never met again.

The older I get, the more I realize that many things are different from what happens on TV.

The last time we met was not necessarily after the majestic and heavy rain, nor did it necessarily have BGM, nor would there be slow motion and close-up.

It was a very ordinary meeting, and then there was no more.

I also gradually understand that not everything has a sign.

Maybe some people, after being dumped by their lover’s body or having a serious illness, decided to exercise hard.

But there are also many people with good figure who persisted silently for a long time, and the reason at the beginning was just to go to the gym with friends with a playful mentality, or simply want to start trying to do it.

Not all great stories have a dramatic origin.

Life is really different from what TV shows.

Was asked: “There should be a special story about why you started your financial and investment road?”


There is no such thing as a thunderous epiphany. If you just want to do it, you turn on the computer and go online to search for information, study and study. Then, it is just an ordinary repetition day after day.

I don’t want myself to be a part of the one who started to lose hair at the age when I should have gotten rid of singles and poverty.

You don’t have to wait until you get sick and have no money to go to the hospital and no one is willing to take care of it, or when you go shopping and go home, you don’t have to wait until you find that your luggage has been packed and placed at the door, and the door has been locked, and you start to wake up with drama.

It’s hard work to change yourself, but you will live a happy life if you don’t change.

An unremarkable starting point, an ordinary journey, can also reach a happy terminal.

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