Haval’s Hybrid DHT officially debuted, opening a new pattern of hybrid technology

On June 18, the Haval Hybrid DHT, which adopts Haval’s latest hybrid technology, was officially launched in Hangzhou. The new car has launched a total of three models, with a guide price of 153,800-165,800 yuan, and provides consumers with a seven-fold car purchase privilege. Users who book a car before June 30 can also enjoy an additional 2,000 yuan in cash. Hui plus code.

The new car challenges the fundamentals of the joint venture brand hybrid market at the price of fuel vehicles, triggers a ripple effect with high-end technology and affordable pricing, and uses a sincere price that is beyond everyone’s expectations to end the era of huge profits for joint venture hybrids. Let consumers enjoy the practical consumption dividends brought by technological advancement with a lower purchase threshold.

Today, with oil prices hitting the 10-yuan mark, how to explore a new path for low-carbon, energy-saving sustainable development has become the core issue of the future sustainable development of the auto industry. Zhang Mengyuan, CMO of Haval brand, also expressed the brand vision of Haval brand to practice technological innovation at the event. With the lemon hybrid DHT structure with completely independent intellectual property rights, it will break the technological monopoly of joint venture brands and show the strength of Chinese brands in front of global users. Strength, showing strategic confidence in global competition.

At the press conference, Yang Zhiming, Marketing Director of Haval God Beast, said: Haval God Beast Hybrid DHT will challenge the traditional joint venture giants in the hybrid market with the technical advantages of “full speed range & full scene, high efficiency & high performance”, and let the public A clearer understanding of the technical strength of the Haval brand in the field of hybrid vehicles, as well as the product vision of making hybrid vehicles more than fuel-efficient.

Powered by the industry-leading Lemon Hybrid DHT architecture, Haval Hybrid DHT uses more advanced hybrid technology, excellent strength in full-speed range & full-scenario, and the economy of zero-stress vehicles to respond to the new generation of users’ expectations. Looking forward to more travel in the future.

More advanced hybrid architecture refreshes user travel efficiency

To build a hybrid system with more advanced technology, not only must the leading hybrid technology be supported, but also the efficient matching between the power system, the motor electronic control system, and the DHT transmission.

The Haval God Beast Hybrid DHT is equipped with a high-end 1.5T engine specially developed for the hybrid system. This engine has been selected as one of the top ten engines of China Heart in 2021. It adopts the Miller cycle, VGT intelligent supercharging and other leading technologies, and the compression ratio reaches 11.8 , the thermal efficiency of the whole machine is better, the turbo response speed is faster, and the power is stronger. At the same time, compared with the three-cylinder engine, this 4-cylinder engine runs more smoothly, with better quietness and a more comfortable driving experience.

Secondly, compared with the single-speed direct-drive series hybrid structure of mainstream hybrid models, the Haval God Beast Hybrid DHT adopts a two-speed DHT gearbox, which has two gears of power direct drive and economic direct drive, which can adapt to driving scenarios. More, covering a wider speed range and stronger power output, which can better meet the needs of users in all scenarios.

The new car also adopts the dual-motor HEV architecture independently developed by the Haval brand, which can realize different driving scenarios through intelligent switching of the control system, making the vehicle switching between different power modes smoother and more efficient, and achieving a perfect balance between power performance and fuel consumption. It is for this reason that the Haval Hybrid DHT has a total power of 179kW, a comprehensive torque of 530N·m, 0-60km/h acceleration in only 4 seconds, and 100 km/h acceleration in 7.7 seconds, with a comprehensive efficiency of over 50%.

Want a 0-stress car? You need the outstanding strength of Haval’s hybrid DHT “full speed domain & full scene”

It can only achieve a single fuel-efficient hybrid, which cannot be called a perfect hybrid. Through the study of the user’s diverse vehicle usage scenarios, with the support of the dual-motor hybrid topology architecture, the Haval Hybrid DHT realizes EV driving, series drive, engine economical direct drive, engine power direct drive, parallel hybrid drive, and energy recovery. Intelligent switching of 6 driving modes including modes, so as to achieve full coverage of user car scenarios.

In the face of urban congested road conditions where low-speed driving is dominant, the vehicle will be driven in EV mode and series mode. When the battery power is sufficient, the pure electric mode is preferred; when the power is about to be exhausted, the system will switch to the series mode operation. At this time, the engine does not participate in the driving of the vehicle, but keeps stable operation in the high-efficiency range to drive the driving. motor and charge the battery with excess energy. These two modes drive the vehicle by driving the motor. Compared with the traditional fuel power, it is not only more fuel-efficient, but also has stronger starting and climbing performance. The most important thing is that the vehicle has almost the same driving experience as a pure electric vehicle, allowing users to Enjoy a quieter and more comfortable travel experience.

Different from the congested road conditions in urban areas, the running state of the vehicle is relatively stable when driving at high speed, and the cruising speed is usually in a higher speed range. However, the drive motor is not the most efficient working state at high speed, and the use of pure electric or series drive will reduce the overall efficiency of the vehicle. In medium and high-speed working conditions, the Haval God Beast Hybrid DHT will use the comprehensive advantages of two-speed power direct drive and parallel mode to intelligently match the vehicle scene, covering a wider speed range and higher operating efficiency.

If there is a greater demand for power, the vehicle will switch to parallel mode, allowing the engine and drive motor to jointly drive the vehicle, resulting in stronger overall performance and a wider speed range. In addition, the kinetic energy recovery mode of the Haval Hybrid DHT can also use the braking kinetic energy to charge the battery, saving energy to the maximum extent and making the overall operating efficiency of the vehicle over 50%.

In an era when oil prices are about to rise above 10 yuan, a car with zero pressure is what users want most. By optimizing the working range of the engine and generator to the greatest extent, the Haval Hybrid DHT can always ensure the maximum efficiency of the power system in the full speed range and in all scenarios. According to the measured data of the national standard operating conditions, the WLTC standard fuel consumption of the Haval Hybrid DHT is only 5.5L. Compared with the traditional fuel SUV of the same displacement, it can achieve nearly 50% reduction in fuel consumption, and a tank of fuel can achieve a cruising range of over 1,000 kilometers. , to really use every drop of fuel for users carefully.

Technology flagship is more than luxury, intelligent driving makes travel worry-free

While using high-end hybrid technology, Haval’s Hybrid DHT is also ingenious in the creation of user scenarios.

As a new member of the “New Technology Flagship SUV” camp, Haval Hybrid DHT continues the fully digital intelligent cockpit of the fuel version model. Relying on the high computing power in-vehicle intelligent platform, it uses rich intelligent technology configuration to meet the dreams of the new generation of users All imagination of the car. The 12.3+14.6-inch dual curved large screen enables audio-visual interaction on one screen; the 25-inch HUD technology head-up display provides a panoramic view of driving information; the global FOTA upgrade function enables online upgrade and maintenance without leaving home.

At the same time, its vehicle-machine system also has powerful computing power, and the multimedia information is presented more smoothly; at the intelligent driving level, the new ADAS intelligent driving assistance system adopted by Haval Hybrid DHT, which integrates vision and perception algorithms, can realize ACC self-adaptation Intelligent driving assistance functions such as cruising, intelligent cornering, and LKA lane keeping have truly solved the user’s travel pain points with technological thinking.

Taking the ultimate travel experience as the core of the product, Haval Hybrid DHT will act as a disruptor in the hybrid market, and open up the product’s high-end hybrid affirmation proposition, so that consumers no longer need to spend the 250,000+ car purchase cost to give The brand premium of the joint venture hybrid pays additional expenses. This will boost the steady advancement of Haval’s brand hybrid strategy and create a new brand name card of Haval China’s “Hybrid Expert”.

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